Considerations No.68

Hello everyone on my blog, today I will talk about helping, sometimes to myself, sometimes to others. Sometimes I have that I know how to help people and I try to help, but usually they don't want to listen. We will not help those people who do not want help. In fact, I have the impression that I impose myself with help, maybe because I helped many people in various matters and I got used to helping. I apologize to all those whom I imposed on myself, because you should ask me for help, and I took the initiative, unnecessarily. I thought to myself that I would better help by writing this blog and that anyone who wants will benefit. It will be best for me and for others. I was able to get out of fears and hard times on my own without the help of others, so I have some experiences that can help you. Today I will talk about fatigue with life. Fatigue occurs when we either take on too much, or give out of ourselves beyond the norm of energy and emotions. I have had cases where I gave too much. Every day I was helping someone mainly at the computer, I had no time for myself, I was constantly tired, I sat at night with people to help them. It gave me strength and fun, but in the long run it was very tiring. The only good thing was, I always slept after being killed. I didn't have the money from it, but I had satisfaction that I helped and solved the problem. But you can't live like that. We should have moments for ourselves then life is full, then life begins to enjoy us more, we appreciate our time, we are happier. In life, not only helping others, not only work can be exhausting, sometimes excessive showing of emotions can be exhausting when we try to impress someone and give a lot of emotions, and it is even more exhausting when we try to give the maximum and someone does not appreciate it. Then it kills us. Too many smiles by force, too much sorrow by force, in general, too many emotions that we show can also exhaust us. How do I know all this from myself and from observing the surroundings. There were swings in my illness that I was screwed on, but when these periods changed I was just a wreck, both physically and mentally. It was then that the symptoms of the disease were intensified. Therefore, in my opinion, you should dose your emotions and your work. Everything should be in such doses that we will not overdo it in any direction. At times I tried to center a lot of things, sometimes it is not the best either, but at least it gives peace of mind and body. When I give myself a job, I have strength, but I don't get overworked, I leave myself some energy. In the long run, it pays off because we have more strength for random accidents that may happen to us. When we help someone, let's do as much as we have strength, nothing more than others must understand it, because if you fall ill, you will need help. Always put yourself first, and then help others. Your work or helping can not be beyond your strength, because you will run out. Your emotions cannot be beyond your strength, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to smile if you don't want to, because then your smiles will be artificial, and you will burden your body with sick emotions. If you smile a lot, because you think it is appropriate, it becomes a habit for you, but you have the right to different emotions, nothing by force. These emotions should not be euphoric because they burn you, eventually you don't know how to behave, because you are doing something by force, you cannot distinguish your own emotions. You don't know when you are angry and when you are happy, it can lead to emotional disturbance. I am often cheerful because I like to smile, but it's not just natural forced. I show my true feelings, but not in excess, as long as I feel nothing more. You know what truth is important in life and basing your life on it. Your thoughts, thoughts, but that's not all. If we want to be real and well received, we must learn to think positively. Where to start, I'll tell you in a moment. I used to have obsessions that were not very pleasant, it is impossible to be true with them, because we usually have bad thoughts. I dealt with this by forcibly searching for positive and good thoughts at the beginning. As you force your mind to think like this, it gets used to it. After a while, you have a lot of positive thoughts. My positivism is based on reality and real things. Often times people look for positives in God and the church. I see only good things in the decalogue which says how to be a good person, even I wrote earlier when I see the decalogue and follow it, but not in the way the church presents, I have my own visions. The Church often makes us sick people, we believe in fairy tales about heaven and hell, about life after death, there is really no life after death, you live here and now, I wrote what happens after death and how I see it. Heaven and Hell are fairy tales for stupid people and children. You have one life and it depends how you arrange it. It is true to say that when you make yourself you sleep. If you plan your life, you will be happy, because there is no luck, it all depends on your work, you can only be lucky in the lottery. If you work excessively, you may become old-fashioned with a crooked spine, or you may exhaust yourself from work, if you overextend, you will not be emotionally stable, you may end up landing on your tips and having a poor life. When you take care of your effort, you will not hurt yourself. If you dose your emotions, you will be stable and mentally healthy. There is time to work and rest. There is time for emotions and simply for silence and reflection, for calming down. In such cases, you will be physically and mentally healthy and you will enjoy your health and life. Let's not overdose on any of these elements in life. At the beginning I gave myself good thinking and positives with positive emotions, it was the beginning of my path to health. Then I wanted the truth, but I couldn't reach it without settling for the past. I had a grudge against many people, I had to get some people what I thought to close the past, to make me feel lighter and better. It is best to explain some disputes immediately, do not postpone it for later, because it will accumulate and it will be difficult for you to close such matters. I've experienced it myself, so I know how hard it is to close the past and leave it behind me. However, when you close the past and learn to live now and think about future goals, your life will be different, better. When you start to think positively, when you base your thinking on truth as you see the world, your life will be real and valuable, and everyone will notice it, every healthy and true person. When you really start to think, you are just starting to think, because before that you really had a problem with thinking, with concentration, with peace of mind. Work and emotions must be dosed and not overdo it, and it is best to base your life on the positive things in life and the truth, then you will feel strong and self-confident. Your life will gain momentum and give you health. Do not close yourself to other people, sometimes listen to what they have to say, because sometimes it is worth listening to someone, especially when they speak wisely. What can I wish you today, maybe a life in the right proportions and a life in truth, because it gives you strength and peace of mind. In this way, I finish my statement today, have a nice evening or day.




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14 September 2020

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