Considerations No.69

Hello everyone, today my considerations will be based on truth. In my life I have always tried to think logically, logic did not allow me to break until the end, logic allowed me to find myself and find the path I follow. I achieved something great when I started to live truly. I based my life on truth. The way of thinking, behaving, and approach is based on the truths I see in the world. I am driven by the positives in my life, but I also see many negative features of life, I'm just a realist, but positively oriented towards life. I try to find positives in everything. Sometimes I argue with someone, but even in an argument I find positives and something uplifting, something that allows me to develop. Maybe I was able to achieve it all because I can see the future sometimes. When I see the future, when I am concentrated and calm. How do I know that, because I watch myself, I have a very good retrospective memory, I just remember what I thought a year or two ago. How can I remember it because my thoughts are related to something real and they are important to me. I remember events from many years ago, but only those that were important to me, sometimes I don't remember what was today in the morning, what was yesterday or a week ago, but I remember what I was thinking about three years ago. You know why, because these thoughts were important to me. Did I share these thoughts with someone, did not keep them to myself, but analyzed them. I can see the future when I just sit, listen to music, do something and think intensely about many things. Sometimes I know many details in such meditation, my first such vision was years ago. You can read a lot of books, finish no matter what studies, but you will never be equal to what I see, how I see the world and life, so I am writing this blog to share it with you. My first vision was when I got sick for the first time. It was a strange vision, I saw many unpleasant things, even scary at times. I wrote it then, but I don't know the whereabouts of this magazine. I will tell you what I predicted then. Things that are about to happen in the near future make me anxious if they are tragic and they are close people to me. Sometimes I have a problem with the chronological ordering of certain elements of what I see. Usually this is 3 years after this or something I see, some things even much earlier than three years. Once I had a vision when I fell ill, one of the biggest things that I saw was the president's death, it immediately occurred to me that he was the Polish president. In fact, I wanted him to be the president of another country, but you cannot deceive your destiny, I was afraid of this situation, because I knew that I would experience it, I realized that it could end in a war. Tio was terrible, I knew it would happen in Russia, at one point I didn't want to go into it because I was scared of what I would see. Why did I see it because the president was an important person to me. The second important person was our Pope, I knew when he would die before I turned 40 and that it would be due to illness. I was afraid of these thoughts because I did not want to think that I was foreseeing death for someone, especially our Pope, because I liked and respected him very much. I saw nothing more from the world of politics or religion and did not think about it. What else I saw, I saw a disease that would sweep the whole world, I could even name it, it was related to the crown, it reminded me of it, I laughed at the crown of kings, and we have a coronovirus. In my imagination, I saw people locked up in their homes and it was like that for a while. I have seen it all change and I have seen the Croonovirus depend on the people, their behavior and the rulers. Sometimes in such visions I do not penetrate too much, sometimes I am afraid of it because I am afraid of what I am afraid of. I've seen the war too, but I don't feel the war now, I feel these things when they're near. Even if it was not earlier than a year or three. Mr. Jackowski talks about the war, but it's not tomorrow. But he sees well because the war will surprise us, this is my vision as I saw it, everyone will be shocked. I know there will be a war, but I don't know exactly when, how I will sense it, I will write about it. I saw my brother-in-law die, I knew he was going to burn, I felt it coming, I wanted to help him, but I knew there were other people involved, if I helped him, my life would be in danger. I even thought about following him, where he was driving and what he was doing to keep an eye on him, but that was pointless, I won't be following everyone how something is going to happen. Anyway, I survived my brother-in-law's death and ended up in the hospital. I also saw the death of a certain girl whom I did not know, but I knew her killer, but it didn't matter because he killed himself after the murder. I heard the story from my parents because they knew this girl's parents. I knew the fate of my family and my fate. I saw different aspects of my life, people I would meet even knew their names. I do not want to talk about it too much, because these people would hear about themselves now, and I would prefer they did not know that we were destined to meet, I meet people and I know a lot about them precisely from these visions. Sometimes when someone is important to me, my family or close friend, I have visions about them. I saw my aunt's accident with my uncle, but I knew they would survive. Do I warn people about something, because they would not listen anyway, they would start to be afraid. Some people have to learn from their mistakes. If there is an accident, it drives slower later. People believe the car too much and think they will get it under control in the event of an accident, and those are seconds. I don't have to survive the accident to know how to drive safely. And those who go crazy on the roads end up in a cart or in a morgue, they will kill themselves or someone. Just grab your gums as you go fast and you're in the ditch. My sister sometimes goes after fairies, and she would learn more from me, but let her believe what they tell her, maybe it gives her peace of mind. Most fairies are cheats, but they have to live on something if you don't want to work. Sometimes I don't tell people many things so that they are not afraid, fear could make them feel bad, and certain events could be worse. I see one path, but I also see other additional, better and worse endings, so I don't tell people what awaits them, let life go its own way. I just watch and my life is a bit like a movie I watch again, but thanks to it I have more thoughts and I see more. Because when we watch a movie twice, we see more details. This is how I treat life as one long movie in which I participate. I always say as much as I should. I see someone's life and I can do it, thanks to my advice, the lives of these people can change for the better. I do not say what I saw what awaits them, but I give advice that can change their lives. People don't usually listen to it, end badly. Not everyone likes to listen to advice, because everyone considers themselves wiser. It is their choice and their life, I endlessly give advice. When I see that someone does not want help, I am not helping. Everyone arranges his own life as he wants. More or less a bit about me. In my life I helped many people, even my family they don't know about it, my parents would be dead today if it wasn't for me, or they would have a terrible life, thanks to me they have what they have. I saw their fates, they were not very interesting, but I paid for it with my own health so that they would have such a life. I had to sacrifice myself more than once for the sake of their lives. My family would look different today. But we are good, we understand each other, we support with parents. My sister Ula could have had a different life, but she never listened to me, she has it as she has. The second sister has a pretty good life, did I help, I helped but she would have had most of her life if she wasn't so calculating. Her life would have been different, it was certain features that were destroying her life. The brother-in-law would also have a better life if he had changed his habits and actions earlier. When I knew that my brother-in-law might die, I tried to get closer to him, but my sister made it difficult and her husband is probably dead. Like I said, people who do not want to help, cannot be helped. Many people I would have helped in their life if they would listen to me but they usually think I'm a stupid schizophrenic and I see a lot. But why should I impose myself on someone and lose my own health. Let everyone live their own way. I can help someone who wants help from me, nobody else. What makes me different from fairies is that I do not say what will happen to you, but what can help you. The fairy will tell you what will happen to you and you will think about it subconsciously and it will happen to you for sure, you will bring these situations to yourselves, you can change your life into hell because of this, so my advice is not to go to the fairies if you want to have a happy life. Fortune tellers don't know how to help, they think that if they tell the future they will help, and usually harm. Use your common sense and listen to people who sometimes advise you something because they can talk wisely. This is more or less how my life is, I will tell you quite happy. I wish you such a happy life. Now I'm finishing and have a nice day.




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15 September 2020

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