Considerations No.70

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about life after death. Everyone has a different idea of ​​life after death. The Church tells us that there is hell and heaven, depending on where we end up, and I'll tell you that she's a little right, but not quite right. Because we see hell and heaven the way the church presents us. I will tell you a lot about this, I believe that life is the most beautiful thing in our existence on earth. First of all, it is true. I've had many experiences in my life, I've seen my hell after death, but I've also seen heaven. Maybe I'll start with the movie The Matrix, because it's very important that you understand some things. Who has not watched, I especially recommend the first part, the next parts are mainly effects. I will tell you more about what is if someone has not watched. The film tells the story of Neo, a guy who has a normal life job and suddenly gets the message that this world is not what he thinks it is. In fact, he lives in an imaginary world invented by machines. I am making a battery that gives energy to machines to run. Importantly, he sees the world as if it really lived, and this world is imaginary, everything is not real, but he sees it as real. People who fight machines save Neo and show him the real world, absorbed in darkness and war. What I'm getting at, I'm already saying. Your life here on earth is real, real, and it will be a delusion after death. You will live after death, but only in your heads. How is it all different from the Matrix movie. The difference is that Neo's life begins with an imaginary world and ends with truth, with real life. In people's lives the opposite is true. First you live in a real, real life and end up in the world and a imaginary life. When you are alive you feel emotions and all stimuli on earth, after death you feel it all the same as if it was really happening. I have often said somewhere that after death there is nothing, because there is really nothing, it is all imaginary by your mind. However, looking to see if there is anything, it is. Your life does not end here on earth, your life ends in your mind. When you die, this is the moment when your brain is working at its highest speed, your whole life flashes before your eyes. You remember the smallest details. It is not God's merit or whether you are a believer. You may not believe anything happens to everyone the same, just in a different way. Everything is conditioned by what your life has been like. Now I will go to hell and heaven, there is no such thing, and at the same time it is. Whether you will experience pleasant or terrible moments depends on your life on earth. Depending on what it was like, you experience it later after death. If you've been positive people all your life, you have beautiful, positive moments. When your life was dangerous, you experience dangerous moments after death. If you killed someone and you were afraid that he would give up after death, you relive it all again, for me it's a nightmare that does not end. If you were afraid when you were alive, you are afraid when you die. This life after death is as real as if it were real, you are afraid, you cry, you feel pain, sometimes unmerciful, sometimes it can last forever. Sometimes you can feel endless joy, euphoria and everything. How you live on earth, what you learn, will affect the life after death. You have two real lives on earth and an imaginary one in your mind after death. Only the imaginary ones lasts a very long time, maybe even forever, until you feel total emptiness, blackness, nothingness, indifference, and finally you feel nothing. This is more or less what life here on earth and after death looks like. For this reason I value life on earth very much because it is real and I do not think about life after death, I am not afraid of death because I know that I will leave this world anyway. However, I am glad that he is alive, because it is a unique gift to be able to experience it all. Imagination is important in life, if we live on earth and have a vivid imagination, we will have a wonderful life after death. I have already seen my life after death in dreams. What you feel during sleep you will feel after death. When you die it is one moment when your brain works to the maximum, for you it is infinity, this is your life as God, because there you never die , this moment is just life after death. One second that is forever. If you prepare a hell on earth, you will have this hell forever after you die. If you prepare heaven for yourself and be happy after death, you will also. This is heaven and hell, the church is quite right that you have to be a good person to get to heaven, to heaven that you will prepare for yourself here on earth. I don't have children here on earth, but after I die I will think of the best kids in the world, it all depends on my attitude and thinking, I can even have the most beautiful wife in the world, I can have the best sex I have ever had after my death, I can fly to do miracles, even to be God. And you know what it depends on what emotions I will have here on earth. I had dreams where I had a dream car, the motor with which I was driving 300km / h, the wind was blowing my hair and I didn't worry about anything. I had dreams where I had a family that loved me, it awaits me after death, that's why I'm not afraid of death and I'm still working on my future imaginary life to make it interesting and happy, because it will last forever. in a real dream our dreams come true. I remember walking on water in a dream, floating in the air, doing anything. I am a bit of a dreamer, but it will pay off after my death. I started to live truthfully and truthfully, I do not deceive anyone, I say what I think, I do not know the day and time when I will leave the world, I am always prepared for another life, life after death. However, as long as we live here on earth, let's enjoy this life because it is the truest and nothing will change it, let's value it, because it is part of our time, time in life, in existence. So you can see for yourself that the church is not completely lying, but it portrays it wrong and some believe in angels and fairy tales, but this can help you later, after death you can really meet angels. It all depends on what you believe in, it shapes your life after death. If in your opinion you want to go to heaven as the church depicts, you can think that it is important to believe in something. But I know that my life will be better than heaven when I die. I will surely fulfill all my dreams after my death. I live in a room that I like, maybe after my death I will have one too. I like to conduct broadcasts and sing, so after my death I will be a master at it, my music will be angelic, I just know it because I had such a dream. Why do I take so many photos of myself to remember my face as well as to choose the best one I want after death. I do many things for something, others do not even guess why. He probably thinks that I am self-centered and narcissistic, and I do it for some purpose, but not understood by everyone around me. This is how your life after death will look like, it depends on how you arrange it here. Not wealth is important, after death I will be the richest in the world when I want to, but why do I need wealth if I snap my fingers and I will have what I want and it will last forever. You better worry about yourself and get your life right because you will have hell for eternity, like some people cook for themselves here on earth. After death, remember everything is possible, you must realize it. You can die or be born endlessly, it all depends on you. Cherish your life here on earth, because there is nothing more valuable. It doesn't matter if you have money or not, it's important that you are alive. This is the greatest gift your parents have given you. We should thank our parents for him. This is what life after life looks like, in my opinion, and not any fairy tales what people say in the church, or write in books. There is time for real and imaginary life and we choose what it should look like. Do we live here and there, or do we tire and go through torments. This is the whole truth about life and death. Now I say goodbye to you guys have a nice day.




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15 September 2020

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