Considerations No.73

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about a story from my life. I go to certain workshops and they teach us different things there. Sometimes they test us on how we cope in certain situations. I noticed the fact that they are testing a long time ago, but I wanted to unravel this puzzle. I hope to teach them something now. I haven't graduated from unknown schools, but I'm a wise man. I have a good memory for things that happened before. I used to look for a job and called the foundation where I have workshops now, and nobody remembers it, but I remember. The person I talked to introduced me to what they expect in such a way that I didn't want to go to this job. It's not really that I didn't go to this job, but that the name of the foundation stuck in my head. What I'm getting at, I know a person who knows the people of the foundation and told me a few words about them casually. She told me that they are cool people and sometimes play pranks on their charges, I didn't know what it was then. I asked what the pranks were, but this person didn't tell me, she said when you get there, you'll find out for yourself. Today I am in this foundation, I learned about pranks the hard way. I'll tell you what these pranks are in a moment. We had classes and during the classes the ladies explained how we should behave when we meet someone for the first time and arrange a meeting. The first most important thing is to get a phone number if we don't have it, that's essential. Why am I saying this because there are random accidents and the person may not come to the meeting. If we do not have a telephone number, how can we contact you. Then we stand like fools waiting for someone and get nervous. Now I will add, we are losing our precious time, we are losing money because we had to pay for the arrival. That's why we should take a phone call from the person with whom we are to meet, and if we go to work, we also take a phone call to contact. Jaiko taught me how many steps the ladies from the foundation to swim in, I will tell you in three steps. The first time I had a meeting, they called me to refuse the meeting, but only once, they even wrote a text message, only I didn't answer the phone and read the text message. I was going for nothing, I said nothing happened because it was my fault. For the second meeting, I called the secretary of the president, because I thought she was the right person to find out if the meeting would take place, she replied possible. What did I think about the secretary, that she is not competent person to provide such information, I even wondered why she was there is, since she cannot provide such information, the secretary should know everything about the appointments, but maybe it is not. It taught me that I should look for information at the source, i.e. call the president directly. I had another third meeting with a psychologist, yet I did not expect that it was their joint game to teach me something. However, when the psychologist also told me that she did not make a note of the meeting, I thought to myself that people not organized in this foundation work, they have no respect until another person does not respect another person. In fact, I thought about it all and concluded that they played their part to teach me to take a phone number and confirm appointments. Whether they taught, or whether they taught me or others, I do not know, but I decided to help others. Another person was supposed to have a meeting on Sunday, I told her that they screwed us up and taught us to take the phone number and confirm the meeting. I gave her the phone number for the psychologist to confirm the meeting, so that she would not go half the city on a bicycle for free and kiss the door handle. She will probably call to confirm the meeting after what I told her. In fact, people from the foundation taught us that. However, in my opinion, they threw us into deep water to learn how to swim. You can learn to swim in two ways, slowly explaining how to do it, or throwing into deep water and either drowning or going to swim. After three dives I learned to swim, but someone else would start to melt. I will tell you how you could learn to swim. I didn't have to go for nothing. We talked about it with the whole group, but we also have individual meetings. It was enough at an individual meeting to tell me in the eyes why I do not take the phone number of people with whom I am to meet and not to be surprised when I kiss the door handle one day. Such a face-to-face conversation would convince me and teach me. Maybe she would not teach everyone, but if he kissed the door handle, he would find out. There was simply no clear message, we miss a lot of things in group classes. However, when you talk face to face, we learn and we see mistakes if someone shows them to us. Telling someone four eyes and pointing out mistakes teaches us how to move in this water. It is about explaining how and why. Then we will learn to swim or throw us into deep water and let it learn by itself.  This is a bit of a drastic learning aid, it will definitely reach you once you have learned it. But what if he does not learn and be discouraged and is afraid of water, but that's my opinion. Everyone has different ways. I always learn lessons and I am not afraid of water. However, there are people in a wheelchair and if they had not learned and went five times for free, they could have become alienated from the foundation. They might think they are some irresponsible people who work there at all. I always had the opinion that if I was dating someone, I don't even need a phone, I will certainly be there, unless I have an accident, but the person will understand why I didn't show up at the meeting. It's just also a waste of someone's time. There is no excuse for the waste of time, because he is the most valuable in our lives, so we should take the phone and be able to call in the event of an accident as well, because it's our time. I lost my time but I'm not angry with these ladies, they taught me something, maybe in a drastic way, but that's what I remember the most. However, there are many ways to teach a man only maybe not everyone. I am curious if these ladies can swim and that they would like me to throw them in the middle of the lake so that they can learn to swim. I wonder if these ladies taught their children to swim like that, maybe it's a good way. However, if I had children, I would teach them in a less drastic way, I would slowly explain and secure them not to drown, I would learn not to be afraid of water. Am I so proud of myself, because I learned to swim without help. Perhaps, however, I do many things without help and it was easier for me. It was me who first came up with the idea that this is a test for us, I was the first to learn to swim without the help of others. If I am wise, I think so. Why am I writing about it, so that you also learn something. Learn from my example and make the most of his willingness to help you. Now I am finishing my post, have a nice day.




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02 October 2020

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