Considerations No.78

Hello guys, I wasn't supposed to write anymore, but maybe this is my last post. Today I want to raise the topic of abortion that has been so loud recently. The vast majority of people are in favor of abortion. I would have agreed to an abortion as a result of rape. Because such a child will remind the mother of the rape and what she experienced throughout her life. However, I do not agree with abortion, because the child is sick, but if it threatens the mother's life, then abortion can be used. However, by agreeing to the abortion of a child, even with Down syndrome, we kill them. You think these people have no right to live. Why don't you kill all the people with this disease, no matter what age they are. Since they have no right to live, kill them, create gas chambers and gass them like Hitler did with people. In my opinion, there is nothing different from him if you are for an abortion. I will say more, I often hear from people that 500+ children will not stick around because parents drink, but the children are not to blame for it, it is the parents' fault. Parents should be accountable. People say we do not want our taxes to go to 500+, we will not keep freeloaders, so I propose to put all these people in retirement age into the gas chambers, because these children will one day support them when they are old. People are animals in fact, they care about dogs, cats and they don't care about real people. They care more for animals than for people. They say the doggie cannot be killed and their own child would be killed. Vegetarians say they don't eat meat because they care for animals, but they are in the front line for abortion when it comes to human life. For me, this world has gone to dogs. Probably most of them think that I go to church and they stuck crap into my head, but I don't go to church, that's my opinion and I don't listen to anyone, I just watch people and draw conclusions. I am on a pension myself and someone pays for my maintenance, I am a parasite for my family and I should go to work, but they do not think about the fact that maybe I cannot work. I should get decent living conditions because of my illness, and I have only 1000 zlotys of pension. I would not get a pension if I had not worked, I also worked and did not say that I support someone from taxes. I was the one who paid for state doctors so that many new people would be born, many of them would be dead if no one had delivered. I am not reproaching you, but telling you how it is. Everyone has the right to life, the sick one too. Tomorrow you can be sick and I can work. You will be under a respirator and I will say disconnect please, because I will not pay for it and how will you approach life then. Your parents and relatives may require help, and if I refuse to help you, you will die. You do not see that at these rallies they urge you to have the right to abortion in order to divide society, do not see that you are fighting for the deaths of many people. What if you were in these people's shoes, put yourself in their shoes. First you say that 500+ is not due, then you say that sick children have to be killed, then you will kill your own parents because you will say that you will not pay for them, but it will be your turn, because those who sit on the stools will say that you will not they will keep their money for free, you go to gas. Hitler was right to gass people, but he should be born today and gass all those who are in favor of abortion, who don't want to pay 500+, who are disturbed by sick people, and those whose seniors are taking their tax money. Everyone deserves gas chambers who do not respect human life and are closer to animal life, because you behave like animals yourself. Every second woman has a dog or a cat and lives its life, but it is impossible for a human being because the first is behind abortion. Who are you people, if I can still call you human, because maybe you already are animals. Not long ago, I met people in wheelchairs who need help and there are people who help them. One of these people heard a word from a healthy person, you shouldn't be alive. How can one get together for a person in a wheelchair after such words? Healthy people are like animals, they do not count with sick people, and what if they get sick. You can have an accident at any age and you can also be a sick person, you want to hear the words that you should not live. Looking at the world and people as they are, sometimes I want a war, so cruel that people will see it and appreciate life. After all, nowadays, if Hitler was alive, all those healthy would sell every sick person to death. You were surprised that they were selling Jews to death today you would sell any sick. You have judged others, there will come a time for them to judge you. A society of kids who would kill their own child just because they are comfortable and don't want to raise a sick child. You have not grown up for sex or true love, there are so many divorces in the world, give you a waiderko and play in the sandbox for sand. You consider yourself responsible adults, for me you are kids whose life has taught you nothing.  Coronovirus is just the beginning, you don't deserve to live if you don't value it. Everyone has the right to live, even if he is sick. Rather, you should think how to help these people. You don't realize who these sick people are. The future of generations may depend on these sick people, you underestimate them. The future of all people can depend on these people. Sick people work harder and achieve greater achievements, you do not count on that. It is up to such a person that the fate of the whole earth may one day depend. By condemning these people to death, you take your right to life. Healthy people count for you. I watch people on a daily basis and most of society is not healthy, so it's best to kill everyone. Why should humans exist when they do not have the will to survive the species when they divide into the better and the worse? Let all those at the top release gas or atomic bombs on people so that they finally value their lives and someone else's. I will say that either everyone has the right to life or no one, that's fair at least. You will learn to value human life then. You don't want to give life to someone, you also don't deserve to live. If I were soldiers, I would stand in abortion clinics and aim at all those who want abortions and ask life or death again, choose. If it was about their lives, it would be interesting if they chose. Their sick children are faced with such a choice, not only the children choose, but the parents. They don't want to have children, so they don't want sex to which they are not adults or they will protect themselves. This is my opinion on abortion. I would forgive only when the mother's life is in danger or after the rape, because she did not want this child, she was forced. You fight for freedom, and where the freedom of these unborn children is, you take their life and freedom. Think about it, you need to help such people, not kill their children. This is my statement about abortion.




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25 October 2020

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