Considerations No.79

Hello everyone, I have spoken about abortion today, but I haven't touched on many other issues. The government and the church do not want abortion and I will agree, but disagree with the church and the government. The church cares only about its own interests, for baptisms and funerals for which it earns. For me, it is below my criticism, they use God and the right to live for their own interests. The government does not want abortion, but it does not allow these people to live with dignity. Why don't they give them enough pensions to afford the upbringing of these children, so that these adult children can afford their guardians. Ask yourself why they want to force women to give birth without giving them a dignified life. If there is an abortion, the church does not earn anything from it, there is no baptism and no funeral, such a policy of the church that speaks of God and moral values. Let the church beat its chest, because soon no one will come to church. I haven't walked for a long time, because I don't see any values ​​that would convince me. As far as I am concerned, baptism and other sacraments and funeral are not important to me. Nor am I counting on heaven or hell or life after death. We will all go and just won't be. All the values ​​that I once had died in me, now I have my values ​​and I follow them and I follow the truth, not lies from the government and the church. The government, instead of making another law against abortion, should take care of how to help people who give birth to sick children, because there are people who give birth. I am not surprised that the women went out and picket, so what if they gave birth to sick children if they could not give them a decent life. On all sides, they feed on Poles, the government and the church who should help us. The church collects all life on a tray, and when it comes to communion, baptism or funeral, it tears us off a lot of money. It doesn't count that you don't have any money when you have to bury a family member or get into debt and pay. They have parish cemeteries, and they hide people from other parishes only because they paid, then we have to go to another parish and pay, because there is no room in our parish. The Church charges money for power. Soon there will be empty churches because they will lead to it. Today in the world only money counts, nothing else. Money is everywhere, in the family, in the church, in the state. The church is constantly building the churches of the basilica and why if nobody goes there, there will be monuments. The state does not care for its citizens, it cares about sick people, but orders them to give birth to them. Soon they will make us do whatever it takes to fill the pockets of the rich with money. This world is headed for it. The Church collects money, the state itself, and people will die of poverty. You are right that you go out on the street, you cannot allow yourself to be ruled by someone who is in charge. Let the church hide with its churches and sit there alone. Let the government finally start doing something, not arguing forever. In my opinion, wages in the state should be unified, or at least the lowest national level of PLN 5,000, without changing the prices of products. If the earnings are at the level of PLN 5,000, then the pensions and pensions should be the same, so that sick and elderly people could live better. You say that there is no money, print it, what makes you crap before that. What you don't understand is that the more money a society has, the more it spends, and thus creates a turnover that drives the economy. The goods don't have to be expensive then more people will buy them. You should focus on how to produce more without increasing your production costs.  After all, it is normal that if someone takes in bulk, he pays less. Those rich are already rich, let ordinary people earn money, they also want to live on a certain level. If the whole country is rich, the country will become rich, and I think the Polish state should care about it. I'll explain something to you. Let's say there is a family of five and you will pay PLN 1000 for this family. Father has 800 PLN, mother 100 PLN, and three children 30 PLN. The father is the richest and he rules this house, he gives the orders, one of them will always have more, he will play the rich man and he will give the orders. However, let's do such a trick and print money so that everyone has 1000 PLN, then everyone will be equal and they will respect each other, nobody will play the first violin, then there will be harmony among them and mutual respect, because everyone has the same. In this way, they will begin to be more human to themselves. In the world now, people act like animals, chasing money. Give them that money, let them have equal, let them show them what kind of people they are. Let it not be a constant rat race. Give people a chance, let them show what they really are. Whether they have a heart or have feelings for these sick children. Give people worthy earnings. Everyone has the right to a dignified life. This working, pensioner or pensioner has the right to a good life. Do not forget about it, and people will be behind you, if there are still only bans, and you do nothing for people, they will turn their backs on you. Show us how it can be in Poland, let other countries envy us. Let people finally want to live in Poland. The Church once helped its citizens, today it has forgotten it, so many people are turning their backs on you. Finally, let the church be a real church that cares about Catholics, and the state is a state of law and taking care of the needs of its citizens. You say you can't print money, and I'll tell you that you can. It is enough for the entire Union to earn the same level of earnings at one time by law. Not profitable companies do not close, but offer aid from the state. A cell should be created that would deal with such subsidies, facilitate work for entrepreneurs, if they did not earn as much in a month as needed to be financed from the state budget, money in the Union could be reprinted as if it was not available in the state treasury. Thanks to such measures, even small businesses that would not be profitable would have survived, there would be more hands to work. Because even if I did not earn for myself, the state would subsidize. Maybe I would not earn myself with my services, but I would offer services and someone to benefit. If it were so, I would probably start my own business because I would know that I would stay on the market. I could offer IT services, why don't I do it, because I know that I will not support myself, so I resign, if I knew that the state would help even if I was not profitable, I would probably take care of something and help someone. However, I am doing nothing, because there is too much risk that I would run into debt that I would not get out of, and thus the economy of this country is collapsing, there is a lack of workers. State aid is necessary. Thinking about the entire Union, these countries could be a power that develops very quickly, but people are inhibited, that is what everything stands for. Make sure that you will help as much as a leg will work, and you will see how many people willing to work and how the world can develop. It all depends on those who govern us. They just don't want people to live better, they prefer riots. Instead of improving the world, they pull it down. Think about my words, people can do more when they feel safe. I end my post with these words.




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25 October 2020

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