Considerations No.80

I was about to stop writing, but someone persuaded me. I was pondering the topic. Today the topic of Poland and people. I have been living in Poland for some years now, I am observing Poland and the people living in it. Poland is a happy country, but people often do not appreciate it. In fact, brother destroys brother, sister destroys sister. Poland was divided by two PIS and PO camps. I personally am closer to PIS than PO, you will ask why? Because this government did more for Poles than the PO government. For me, it is not important for the majority of Poles who is in charge, to rule well. The PIS party also got lost somewhere, but nevertheless it did more for ordinary people. At the time of the Civic Platform, we were told that there was no money for anything, that we should work best until seventy years, or better up to a hundred years, only who could do it, probably those ministers and deputies sitting and farting on a stool. You imagine a guy or a woman working up to 70 years, a guy on a construction site, a woman in a kitchen, it's laughter in the hall. In Poland, those who work the least and the hardest have the least. The politicians should have the most, but they should be responsible for their laws, under penalty of jail for bad laws for the people and for the scams they do, not hide behind immunities. They hit a man in the street, he commits a crime and nothing can be done to them, where there is justice. Politicians steal millions and no one is sitting, and they will lock an ordinary construction worker for stealing a roll, a politician would evade him, he would say that he forgot to pay and he would get away with it, an ordinary man would sit. There are such cliques at the top in the Polish country that it's terrible. When PIS wanted to push through the laws, the Civic Platform put logs on its feet. All these demonstrations are paid for by the Civic Platform, people think that they are picketing against abortion or other matters, and they don't see that the Civic Platform is using it to disrupt the country. It's never going to be good when it's a mess. The PO has its own people that it sends to incite people, in their opinion, riots would be on their side. They have been destroying the Polish state for years. They sold national goods, such as companies, smashed enterprises so that Poland would collapse, during the times of the Civic Platform, most Poles left the country. Remember why Poles left the country, because they had nothing to live on, hunger wages, gave a few zlotys per hour, made you work up to 67 years and longer, in companies there were already five waiting for you, if not better, bosses did not talk straight face it. Some people told me that 500+ is for freeloaders, drunkards, that their taxes go to it, they will see what their taxes will go to when the PO takes over the government and they will throw refugees here in quotation marks I say, because no refugees, instead of staying in the country, they flooded the whole Europe to prey on hardworking people. The Germans want them, let them support them, we do not agree to it, we are behind the poor nation to support refugees, anyway, these are freeloaders who do not get to work, but walk, destroy and steal and create dangerous situations. Already the German people are afraid of them, the police turn a blind eye to their misdeeds. I have friends abroad, I know what I am talking about, in a while these refugees will take over Germany and see who they took under their roof. I have always voted for PIS, but in three years I will not vote for anyone, because things are getting worse in the country. Coronovirus is there, but it is going to blow up the economies of many countries. They show in Poland that they are fighting the coronovirus, but this is not the only disease that consumes society. Leakers forget about their responsibilities and what they promised. Now the health service is lying and squealing, all deaths are coming under the coronovirus, because it makes money. People will have less and less money. They will see where it will lead Poland, there may be trade between people, goods for goods, and no war is needed. Doctors sit in their offices and drink coffee all day long and charge for it. Officials think differently, the same. Everything is handled by phone, it all looks like the eve of the war. Everything could happen to her. When the PO starts to incite the lads and these idiots start to protest and gather crowds of people, it may lead to a war, at the beginning of a civil one. People in Poland are idiots, not all of them, of course, but most of them argue over their views, and the point is that they should rule well, no matter who. Why didn't people go out on the streets when they worked for starvation wages, when there were five for their place at work, when they had to leave the country for bread. This is all a campaign for the PO, it is not known who they work for, whether for Germany or Russia. Russia has already shown how to take away someone's city, how to incite and confuse the country, in Ukraine, how to introduce disinformation, today the PO is doing it in Poland. A stupid nation believes in fairy tales that chant at pickets, breathe hate, use vulgar words, and no one does anything about it. People, look at your eyes, it should be important for you that the country should live better for all. You shout for LGBT people, for your equality, when you want to take the lives of children. You do it all for the show, put lightning on FB and more, laugh in the room. You don't see that they manipulate you like puppets, you do what they want. I recommend watching the movie "Hejter 2", then you will understand what politics is and what laws it governs. You will be kicked out of your homes and the politicians will enjoy luxuries. Start voting for people who are doing something for this country, not for those who shout louder and jump like clowns. There is a coronovirus, but it makes a lot of people do very big scams. More people die from other diseases than from the coronovirus. You cannot see that they manipulate you if not from one government to another. Poland needs wise people who care about Poland. Courts should be modernized by now, and they are still standing still, kick out all the old ones and give jobs to young people who care, establish a new law that is clear and transparent to everyone, not a complex one that will make a good lawyer out of everything. Every common person should understand the law, because how can the law be obeyed when it is incomprehensible to everyone. Every accused should be released because the law is complex and he had the right not to understand it. If you do not understand the law, then how can you be accused, each offense is unintentional, because we do not know the law, it is a basis for a court. This is what life in our country looks like. People shake off this lethargy, look at your eyes. People in Poland have changed since Wałęsa, but only for the worse. Since then, people can see the pursuit of money, the brother will sell the brother for 1 PLN, the sister will sell the sister. Who are you people that you chase after mammon. Your life is wasted, your worth is bland, you will die and no one will remember you well. I personally do not believe in hell or heaven, but that you would all go to hell. However, God is just, because you already have hell on earth, you cannot trust anyone, not even your family. You have prepared such a fate for yourself because of who you are, because man learns from man. If you were bad for someone, he was for someone else, eventually it comes back to you. Certain things come back to us, both good and bad. See through people's eyes and be good people, because that's what should be infected, it will come back to you sooner or later. I end my reflections today with this accent.




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19 November 2020

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