History No. 25

My today's story begins with Birth. I have already described to you what a child feels in his stomach and being born, but that's not all. The child is already thinking in his mother's belly, listens to words and learns, the child can hear it clearly. After birth he also hears He learns and understands, he cannot answer himself. You will ask why the child after birth does not speak only crying, for a simple reason because he cannot speak, although he would like to. He remembers my young years when I was a child, a child who does not speak. Why children don't speak because they have no educated facial muscles, they can't put their mouths together to speak even though they try, but usually they come out blah, glu etc. I remember how I tried to say something and it didn't work out, because of that sometimes I cried and other children also cry . They try to imitate people who are hanging around but they do not succeed. Parents repeat the words teach the child and then the child tries, and of course in the end they succeed. They say the first mom or dad, you think why the child says mom or dad as the first words because they keep repeating it to them, the child tries until they succeed. The child thinks being small but can't do many things. I remember how much I was tired to say mom or dad. They told me this over and over again, I tried to say but I couldn't. I trained my jaw muscles, I remember how I learned it. Children make jaw movements adults think it's a grimace on the face of a child but the child tries to move muscles. I remember how I said the first a word how much joy was for me too, because I succeeded, I was proud of myself, I will not forget it. When I said the first word I tried to say the next, it did not work the first time when my parents were not alone I tried to say a word, I talked nonsense because I didn't remember the words but it taught me that if you practice, it will eventually come out. I don't know in which I started talking because I didn't ask my parents, but I was small. When the child is in the stomach, talk to him, he will be smarter and learn faster, I know it after himself. When the child says the first word, teach him another, but not complicated, so that the jaw will move faster and not be discouraged, the child sees your joy and I feel when he manages to say a word for you, he enjoys it. Adults have children too tiny and those who do not understand anything and children see and understand a lot despite their young age. they like quarrels, prefer smiling, frighten and frighten them. When you caress the child it catches it, talk normally, you can imitate the child's words to get to the normal words in a moment, the child will catch it and dare to try and speak. It speeds up child's speech, how do I know it after myself, I started that way. You probably think that I invent fairy tales, but this is not the case, I don't know what miracle but I remember years youth, such a retrograde memory, but not always, only at some moments, today is such a moment and I write about it. Children are very intelligent despite you think differently. Such my advice and life story taken from my memory. I don't have to lie I have no reason, I write about what I think, what I remember, what my imagination tells me, it's sincere. I hope you liked my story today.




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05 February 2020

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