History No. 32

I run radio programs and it occurred to me to write a short story. There was a boy, an ordinary boy. The boy's name was Robert. As a child he was very cheerful, but also shy, he shaded himself away from others, he also liked loneliness and thinking. he thought so, he invented different things. As a little boy he invented the cable cars for the soldiers he played with. Being older he thought how to have fun, sometimes he played computer games if he could, it was a good entertainment because it stimulated the imagination. He could delve into the game world, play the role of a hero, feel like a hero of the game. Such playing stimulated his imagination. Later he met an accident that ruined but also changed his life. Being alone, he had a lot of time alone, so he sometimes talked to God. They were such conversations in thoughts, but they did not give him the end of happiness these conversations. They were so lonely and quiet, he decided to change At some point in his life, he began to broadcast radio programs. At first, they were radio programs for himself, because he could say whatever he wanted without exposing himself to anyone. However, after a while he began to broadcast programs for other people, but also for himself, and first of all for God and angels. He felt that God and angels like his programs, because of what songs he managed to find. He thought that they love his programs because they were unusual in their own way. He composed the songs into a story that he told on the programs, he only chose those songs that he liked, because they also had to be liked by God and angels. At one point in his life he noticed something strange, the pieces were arranged in a single whole, they looked like talking to someone. He probably noticed that he was talking to God and angels. He talks with them during these broadcasts, from where he knew you would ask. These simple songs that he played were arranged in words about him. Sometimes they had direct, sometimes indirect. Sometimes they talked about what is happening now, sometimes they were words that referred to something. That's when he understood one important thing. God and angels wanted him to run programs, it is possible that the whole sky played with It is interesting that someone had to invent and invent songs, it was God and the angels who sent them ideas to create music, music that would appeal to Robert. Earlier conversations were not as interesting and full of mood as those with music. finally Robert could talk to God thanks to music. The coolest thing is that God thanks to people created this music to talk to Robert. The only better thing is that the music was created for Robert so that he could run his programs. Isn't that beautiful, all the music of the world for one man. It is not ZAIKS that has the rights to these works but Robert, because they were created for him. Staffs of people worked to create this music just for him, just so that he could talk to God and the angels. It had to be the most beautiful moments in his life. When he realized that God and angels create music for him, he was inexorable. He decided that he would still to play these shows because he likes them both for God and angels. They gave him something, he gives something from them and The most interesting, however, are conversations between them, they learn a lot from each other. They are conversations with the beyond. Such a bridge connecting heaven and earth. Thanks to Robert, God and angels can communicate with each other. It connects ours two worlds, the one living on earth and the living in heaven. Robert liked these programs, but he wanted to go on, he got to know the programs to create music and began to sing. The singer was not the best but he also liked to do it. It gave him such a feeling of fulfillment and joy as running the broadcast. The item's item could have improved his voice. Maybe in the future it will be the voice of God or angels. However, he liked to broadcast the most because they were his conversations with God. God and angels gave him instructions on how to run the programs to be interesting. Maybe they were interesting to most people but to Robert and God they were. Sometimes God spoke through Robert, sometimes it was Robert's words. Such a mix of words, you have from two people. Does Robert will run programs, I think so because he likes it, even if he had to run it for himself. These are just his conversations with God, that's why he likes them and that's why they give him such pleasure. Are there people who also talk to God or angels in this way, maybe yes, but Robert has a deficit for the best hits. His programs resound throughout the sky, because there is no other person like him. Sometimes it is hard to get up when you fall, but you can't to give up and you have to fight to get up and run, run faster ... That's what Robert is like, he never gives up when he knows it's worth it, when he knows that he can manage how much he will want it. There are more such Roberts in the world , you too can be like Robert. You fight until the end, you don't give up. It is not important to win one battle, but to win the whole war, sometimes at the expense of one battle. And you end up with my today history and I invite you to radiomix, there are my broadcasts there, the address is: http://radiomix.pl/, I cordially invite you and greetings to all those who read my blog and listen to my programs.




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06 February 2020

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