History No. 47

I will tell you today a story about God and justice in this unjust world. There was a happy and cheerful boy. The world stood before him, waiting for him. He had plans, dreams just wanted to be happy like any other person. However, in life we ​​meet different people. Fate puts various people on our path. One situation was enough for the boy's life to change beyond recognition. On his birthday, which he wanted to celebrate with a friend, he was severely beaten. Throughout this situation he began to be afraid of people. He stopped leaving the house. He was afraid of another beating, maybe something worse. If you fell out of the window, you would be afraid of heights. This is the way things are, when something hurts us we are afraid of it. In total, the boy spent twenty years at home. Whether it was his fault, no, it was the fault of those who beat up. Now they should serve twenty years at home or in prison. They would see how it is if they are sitting, rather not, but they are definitely sitting at home now. The boy at one point in his life talked to God, what he wanted justice. The one who beat could have come to at least apologize, but he didn't. What he deserves is twenty years of sitting at home. Has anyone done something to it, nobody. However, someone did something, God did, he sent a virus, and specifically a coronary virus. One person twenty years old could sit, today everyone is sitting at home. It's a punishment from God why you ask, because God and this boy have had enough of such people. Today, this boy is not afraid to leave the house, because hardly anyone is outside, today let others be afraid for their lives. This boy wanted all people to see what it was like to be afraid to leave the house and all people now experience it. Everyone is worried, when it will be normal, this boy is not worried for him, this is normal, this whole situation. Live for twenty years sitting at home, you will see how much pleasure it is, without friends away from the family. Yes, because friends left him and his family avoided. See what it's like to be the kind of person she has to endure. Now you are all like this boy. How do you feel in his place, you rest well, have fun. He was referred to as lazy, why are you not working today, you are lazy, or nobody wants to take you to work. How these roles change quickly in life. Yesterday you were the kings of life, today is this boy. He's used to being home, and you? If you run out of bread, who will help you the friends you had full of, where are your friends today, can you count on them in such a situation? In fact, everyone cares about their own ass and would sell you for a sack of rice if there was nothing to eat. For now there is quarantine, it is not known how long it will last, maybe a month, maybe years, maybe you all deserve it for what you were. This boy was nothing to you, today you are nothing to him. Saying once on a cart, once a cart is true, fortune rolls around. Does God see all this, see and apparently had enough of looking at such a life. That's why I think God is just. Everyone is important, even an individual is important in life. It was one boy, but there could be more boys like that. Sometimes one life is worth hundreds of millions of lives. You see it today, you wouldn't notice yesterday. Your fate will depend on this boy and God. Now pray that they will let you live, because it may turn out that no mask will help you if it is in the air you breathe. Scenarios can be different for everyone. There is no cure for this virus and it is not known when it will be, which may affect whether you recover, maybe what people you were or what you are. Only this boy and God can answer this question. Whether the end of a pandemic means a return to normalcy is not known. It is not known what awaits you, the collapse of the economy, the war, all this you can expect from what people you were. Many things may come, busting in the stocks, it may turn out that your money is worth nothing and then you will be poor . You can lose everything you have worked for years without seeing how you hurt people earning this money. The end of the world has been announced for a long time, what is happening could be the end of the world, and more your end, by what people you became through the money. You chased the cash, the only thing that mattered to you was cash. You sold one another to your boss so that someone would lose your job and you would have bonuses. You were such people and now you cry that the coronovirus that you cannot leave the house. You've wanted to lie down all your life and have the money in your account. You had time to put the money down for twenty years and today you are lying on the sofa at home. What do you want more you have what you wanted, what you were striving for. Your dreams have come true, so rest in peace, such words you can hear soon. This is the truth of this world, this is what everyone dreamed of, this is what everyone deserved. You will think that the boy is bad but no, this boy wanted the same for you that he experienced. He survived it thanks to you, so karma returns, you will experience what he and what you have prepared for yourself. That is why I think that God is just and finally it was high time. Thank you, God, for your wise and just governance of this world, truth always comes out and human behavior. There is a time to give and a time to receive. With this accent I finish my story, a fair story.




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09 April 2020

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