History No. 63

Today, beloved, I will incarnate in God. I lived peacefully in heaven, actually I was even bored. I decided to change something in my life. I thought what it was like to be human. I wanted to get down to earth and be an ordinary person, like most people, maybe just a little more intelligent. The angels tried to convince me what I wanted it for, but I had already made up my mind. I wanted to be born like everyone else, in an ordinary family. So it happened, I enjoyed life as a child, I enjoyed dreams that came true. These were small dreams that could be fulfilled. I lived peacefully with my parents with whom I live to this day. In adolescence, I experienced this first love, I wanted to experience it. Then I went bad, I listened to the person I shouldn't have listened to, I should have my mind. My life started to collapse. I expected more and more from life, and at some point I realized that I was God. I wanted people to know about it, so I did somebody find out about it. Maybe it was a thought, maybe a letter, does it matter. I wanted someone to know and I was curious what he would do with it. It was a random person put to the test. The trial that determined the fate of mankind. You are probably curious how she went through this test, and whether the world knows God is on earth, no. The attempt was unsuccessful. The person who got the letter or thought misused this knowledge. He will pay for it, of course, either still here on earth or after death. There is an angel of justice in heaven and he always makes sure it is just. This person is doomed to hell, most likely an eternal hell. Why do you ask, because the fate of all people depended on him, on how he would act. The information went to the bottom, you can see fate wanted it so. He screwed up God's whole life with one single decision. God rose after that, but he suffered many years, so this mortal will see what hell is after death. For many years I have been a God who sits at home and watches people. I know what people are like, there are exceptions, not all are the same. Most, however, cares only about their own good, they cannot reach out to other people. What awaits such people after death, they will beg for life by stretching out a hand that will be cut off from them, it will grow back, and they will beg again and again forever. Then they will understand their mistake. Every person can be on earth only once, and he will not appear on earth a second time. What is earth, earth is a school that is to teach you how to live and how to be a human, not an animal. However, the fate of the earth comes to an end the moment God descends to earth. God would come down to feel human for a moment to see what it was like. Because it is God who will judge in the end. Were the people ready for God? They were never ready, what fate they gave God, ask yourself what fate I have and have. I am not a happy person at all. I live because I live because my end has not yet come here on earth. Have I had or do I have any powers as God? I can create the future. I make my future dependent on people's actions because it gives me pleasure. It all depends on what people are like, for me, for others. At the age of twenty-five, I put people to the test again. I wanted to see what my life would be like, what everyone will be like for me. There was not one person to help, so I exposed people to love and I noticed that there is no love, there is only calculation. It killed my whole idea of ​​people. Most behave worse than animals. Therefore, the fate that I predicted, and people will not understand their deeds, will push them to war. Everything points to war and it will be soon. I see the signs that life gives me. One such sign is the increase in the number of refugees in the countries of the European Union. The second sign is the coronovirus pandemic. The third sign is an explosion in Beirut. There will be more such signs, they will lead to war. The coronovirus will worsen in September, it is already getting worse, and it will get even worse. The world got a lot from God. Technologies a better life, but is God's life better? You are not dead and many people are dead. Today I saw my grandfather standing under a ladybug, he asked people for a roll, only one young woman gave, the rest ignored. Each of you can be in his place. All you have to do is get sick, lose your job. I often see foundations asking for donations for sick children, or do they give? He does not give, because he gives millions, but no one will give an old man a roll. Life is different, sometimes we fall low. Why is there no organization that helps these older people survive if they have nothing to eat. Maybe they are, but why no one is interested in such people. If he stands in front of the store you can tell him go to the light of life and ask for food. Why don't people even know where to send such a gentleman. Why should he stand and beg for a bun, why there is no organization that would take care of such a thing. Sometimes a lot of food is wasted because they throw it away and give it to such a person. Therefore, you can see for yourself how much injustice there is in the world. Therefore, the world should not exist and humans should not suffer. Often these are people who are not guilty of anything. All signs point to the near end, it could be around three years. The end of people will be dramatic, there are several endings, but one will come out. If I would have ended my life on earth, sometimes I have the feeling that I would. My life is linked to signs in the world. The last sign will end the human race. You will probably ask if it can be prevented, it can be. However, you have to know what to do and someone has to help, on earth nobody will help you except me. When the end comes, you won't be able to count on anyone. You will probably ask what it is like to be God. Pretty normal, I live like most people. I eat, go to the toilet, sometimes drink beer, smoke a cigarette, listen to music luibia because it reminds me of the angels' voice, sometimes I miss them. I walk, I look at people, sometimes I drive a car, ordinary life for every mortal. Do I have friends, I have angels from heaven, there is no friendship on earth, people do not know what friendship is. They talk often about friendship, but they can't be friends. Such times have come, somehow thanks to me, because all my friends that I had left me, I decided that no one would have friends and look around if you have friends and what kind of friends they are. They are friends for show, not so real. On facebook and you have a lot of friends, how many of these friends to help you, how many people remember to wish you on your birthday, how many people you meet. See what kind of friendships you have for show. This is what the world looks like now, everyone with their nose on the phone, they can't even see their other half. Technology is good but used wisely. Therefore, you see, the end of all this, especially of people, must come. Enjoy your life because you have one and you will not get a second chance, sometimes helping someone is more fun than receiving help. Remember that, with this I end my speech as God. Until next day guys, I hope you like my stories and you like reading them.



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07 August 2020

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