History No. 76

Hello everyone, today another story taken from my life. I will tell you a typical and maybe a bit unusual situation in my life. I used to be young and partied a lot. I had my friends, but I had friends, not friends. It is different with friends. I was sitting at home then, I thought I would visit a friend. I had two beers then, one I drank at home. I went to a friend with my second beer. I go to him and the party is full of people. Some of these people I didn't know. I was a trustful person, I talked to everyone. I sat with the girl and talked about various topics. Later I went to the room to everyone. Several of them drank alcohol, I drank my other beer. They invited me to drink with them. I said I'd have a drink. I sat down and started drinking. I had a drink for vodka, but I didn't care about it because I trusted people. This was my mistake. I left the room and my drink was standing there. I guess they gave me something, I don't know what. I drank maybe three glasses of vodka with them. Two beers and three glasses of vodka do not impress me, I wouldn't get drunk from it. My friend's sister came in, I was already drifting away slowly. She asked someone to help her take off her shoes because she had long boots. I was already delirious, I said that I would help. I took one shoe off and the other one fell over and passed out. I woke up in the dark, lay in his sister's room, barely managed to open my eye. A chick was rolling over me and using me, I wanted to protest, but I noticed that I could not move, what was worse, I could not even speak. At one point I started to purr because I could only try to say something. She could do what she wanted to me, I did nothing. I could. I lay still, I got tired of trying to free myself, and the movie broke off again. After a while I woke up again, this time I managed to say no, I just heard I got you and I swam away again. I woke up in the morning, partly sore, and went home. I wondered what had happened, but couldn't remember anything. This memory came back after some time. When I was talking to a friend who was there, but he came by later, so he didn't see much. He just told me that some chick went to my room and locked up with me. It was then that I started to associate the facts and I started to slowly remember what happened. It was over time, some time had passed. I got pissed off with them for what they did and didn't go there anymore. I didn't want to have anything to do with these people. I did not report it anywhere, I had no evidence. Anyway, it sounds silly to a guy who used a chick. Most thoughts should be happy, but no one would be happy if they couldn't move or do anything, and you feel helpless. That chick never saw me again, I don't even know who it was. I couldn't see her because it was dark, and I couldn't even open my eyes, but for a moment I managed to notice how she was using me, but I couldn't see her face. I know she had long hair obscured by her face that was bent over me. I really couldn't do anything about it and left it. It taught me not to trust people and to keep an eye on my drinks at parties when we don't know someone. I don't know who added something to me, but they certainly did, since after 2 beers and three glasses I lost the film and then I couldn't move. The next day they laughed at me that after three glasses I fell. They laughed that I had a weak head, but I knew I didn't have a weak head. I stopped trusting them at that point and cut off all contact with them. I remember it to this day, sometimes people experience trauma because of it, I have accepted it. However, if one day a chick appeared at my door and said that I have children, and I would not know her, I would know who had blown this number on me then. No one ever showed up and luckily didn't tell me. You see how you can get into shit about your friends because you trust them. You can't really trust anyone. I rarely cut off the movie because of alcohol. However, when it breaks off, when I am with someone and I have had little drinking, I always suspect someone of evil intentions. I don't trust people after such experiences. Don't trust people, people can be perfidious. It's better to find one true friend you trust than to have one hundred who will use you and plunge you into trauma. Hope this story teaches not only girls to be careful who they drink with, but also men. For a guy, you can squeeze the baby, you can squeeze, he raped and you go sit. You have wasted your life for one stupid night you trusted someone. Hang on, this could be one night that will turn your life into hell. I did not remember anything at the beginning, they could do anything with me, today they would probably take a lot of photos and upload them to the net, then there was no intenret yet, maybe it was the only thing that saved me from such an action, today I would finish my career. I hope you understood and you will not make a mistake like me. With this accent I end my story, have a nice day.




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08 October 2020

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