History of Dream No. 24

Yesterday I watched the movie Messiah and I fell asleep on it, but thanks to it I had a dream, quite interesting. I dreamed that the world was going downhill. Suddenly Gods appeared in different regions of the world, of course deceitful, because the only true God was me as an ordinary man, no miracles, and they showed miracles. They returned the dead to the dead, healed, survived cataclysms and wars, but no one saw that these cataclysms and wars just these deceitful Gods caused the same disease and death. And I lived calmly in his home watching everything. Everyone blinded around and in awe of the gods, not knowing where they were going. First, God appeared in Islam, one of the more dangerous Gods, urged refugees to move around the world only to take over the countries in which they later lived , he was the worst and he did the greatest miracles, these people believed him thanks to miracles he could not see the hidden truth that he is Satan in a human setting. There really is only one God and He is the God of all people on earth and he is me. I do not need miracles, I only need to think about miracles and become. So I really let this devil on earth to act because people are no longer human, they are punishment for their actions. They go like rams to the slaughter which will be given to them by Islamic God and Satan in his incarnation. I obviously let it because the punishment must come, even for what fate they prepared for me, I could change it, but I gave people free will and they did not use it wisely, the constant pursuit of money that they would not take to the grave, they do not know that all this money will be an additional burden that they will have to carry in the hell they have prepared themselves. Think if someone he has a million zlotys turning it into pennies how much it must weigh, and they will have to carry it on their backs walking through the hot desert and fighting with their weaknesses and that change into monsters. Those who have done somebody else's wrong will go through hell. First, Islamic God pretended to be a messiah, later declared himself God, called for attacks to show the world who is strong, weak and very strong, they wanted to rise from ashes at the right time, that's why they settled in different countries waiting for the right moment to hit with incredible strength. They spread all over Europe, slowly starting to rule and rule in these countries. I sat in Poland and watched all this, that's the only one a wise country that did not accept them. This is the last refuge of the world defended by the Americans. Russia enjoyed and rubbed its hands seeing what was happening hoping that they would enter at the right moment and be the strongest country but they counted a lot because someone was waiting for them, exactly China which did not have forgotten Russia's occupied areas but waited for the right moment At first, you were disgusted with Islam, despised Catholics and all other religions in the world. There is a lot of religion, but God is only perceived differently by each religion and the fact that people disconnected from the main religion creating another, because it suited them so because they wanted to make money, as I said, the constant pursuit of money that they will have to bear later. Everyone should believe in one God, not fifty, and everyone believes their faith as it suits them. All religions let people do something, and people go where they go it fits and says that this religion is fine and true. They are deceiving themselves and everyone around them. I saw all those rich people who, as they realized, how heavy they would be carrying after death, how they began to share with poor money. Rydzyk began organizing free accommodation for the faithful, he began to donate the money he made to the faithful of the poor He even wanted to give cars to the homeless to redeem their sins. Even in Poland people went crazy when they found out what awaited them after death, but it was only at a later date when they looked at the eyes. First Islam mastered the world, Europe began to rule, Germany quite they were under their influence at the very beginning, later the rest of the countries, only Poland clung to thanks to America. Then Islam began the war across Europe massively killed Catholics and believers in religions other than Islam. The resulting war throughout Europe only in Poland was peace, but not for long, because Russia moved to Poland, first seizing the countries that stood in its way, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. Then the Americans entered and the battle began serious. The Americans knew that there was God in Poland, that's why they defended her so fiercely. at one point she had an advantage, but she did not know that China would attack her from behind. China is a power that flooded Russia in a moment. sjans were smashed into dust, by the American and Chinese troops, they finally learned the power of God. The battles were powerful the atomic bomb started to move, in such an amount that the earth's crusts began to move. The Germans were flooded the sea entered its territory, the Germans found themselves underwater and with them most Islamists, because there they set up their headquarters. China regained their territories and began to cooperate with other countries after what happened, began to introduce a different policy for their population, because they are good hardworking people. Poland was a shelter for many who they were spared by the war. There was a new law in the world, for every man and not only for the elite. Everyone could be tried regardless of whether he was a judge or a bishop. Everyone began to be responsible for their actions. The gods began to help the poor because they knew what awaited them death. The world has changed, monarchs could not start wars, because they would be punished, life or death threatened them. From the conflicts were the army and the police. They had such technology that they would track everyone. Everywhere drones flew and collected information about peace and would-be conflicts there could have been a new world order for a safe and dignified life. God was one and I was special and advised what to change in the world so that it would be better for everyone. Whoever started the first attack was doomed to live on the island with all his family, he got goats and cows would have something to live on and have to work as a farmer for the rest of their lives giving crops to other people, it is such a punishment for bad actions. There were no people who did not work, even the disabled worked, but there were created conditions for this and training. No there were people who would not work in any way, everyone worked and who did not want to be sent to the island to graze goats and cows, had to earn to have something to eat. Everyone worked where he felt at his best, thanks to which he worked more efficiently. If a judge or a politician took a paw, he would be sent to the island to graze goats, so no one took bribes and judged fairly, doctors began really cure the sick, because they also knew what it threatens. Everyone earned with dignity and thanks to this the world began to develop at an even faster and better pace. People began to respect each other and meet like who was once, when families met together. I finally I made my life. There is a new era of the world. Well, today my story is a little bit of a dream from my imagination. Have a nice day.




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05 February 2020

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