History14-My high school years

I will tell you about high school years today. I remember having a problem choosing a high school. I wanted to go to electronics, but it was very difficult to get to school, many people in one place. Usually friends or those who gave their paws or came with a pig in the trunk. I had to choose something else, I wasn't interested in high school, I wanted to have a profession. My friends went to the railway school and talked me into it, but I only went because of the electrical department. When we tried to go to school, we had to undergo a psychological exam. I never went through such a thing I was afraid of falling out and whether I would pass. The exam lasted an hour or two, I don't remember that. I tried to answer as many questions as possible. While we were waiting for the results, one of the examiners came out and read one name, mine. He came over to me and shook my hand and said that he was happy to learn at this school. I wrote the best of the whole school, no one else wanted to see only me, I do not know how many points I had, because I did not ask, but since he came out to see me he had to be surprised. This is how the adventure with high school began. I remember that my dad was waiting for me or not, because he had a trip to Gdansk and wanted to take me and my sister with him. Then I say to my sisters run and say that I didn't get in, I came home my parents tried to comfort me that I would find another school. At one point I laughed and said I got it and wrote it best from the whole school. They congratulated me and went on a trip to Gdansk. We rode the old "Nysa", but there were plenty of seats. We took hitchhikers who getting off gave us a few pennies. Thanks to this, we had our money in Gdańsk for ice cream and other things. We slept in the car near the casino, we went to the pier the other day and went for ice cream, paying for it ourselves. The trip itself was interesting various people boarded along the way. We talked to them and joked. The first year at school scared me a little with the excess of material, there was not so much in elementary school. I managed, though I didn't really want to learn, the further I studied, the less I wanted to learn. I have always been good at mathematics, but my teacher's approach discouraged me terribly, she said to us "I teach the minimum and I demand the maximum", with this approach everyone would discourage. I remember a German teacher she was great, she set me five ones for lack of homework and something else, but she mobilized me to work, told me to take lessons and do my homework. So I did at the end of the year, I had five ones and seven fives, a strange collection of grades. I liked her and I had good German grades until the end of school, I also liked this subject. I have never been an eagle from Polish, I only had fives from spelling, but the style is mediocre or three, I even went to tutoring in Polish before the final exams. The matura exam was poor, I passed mathematics somehow even better in Polish than in class at school, because I got a romanticism which I liked, but oral I got a question from a book I didn't read at all, I didn't even read the abstract. the next questions saved me a bit, I was just nervous. The educator was cool, after school we went with him for a beer and to talk, a cool old man with the rules, as the old school says. So much more about the school and the teachers, there were maybe a few girls for the whole school at school, and the boys themselves are a bit lame but what will you do. There was no girl in my class. Sometimes I wondered where I would meet one. In the second grade, I met a friend who went to the same school and was my neighbor, he lived next door in a block of flats. I went to technical school and he went to a vocational school, so we weren't in the same class. We started to meet and play basketball together, almost every day after school. I played football with other friends, I wasn't bored, I was still busy. This friend finally came to me and started walking with my sister, then we made friends even more. Everywhere together for camping, bonfires, parties, New Year's Eve was like a brother to me that I didn't have. I remember once my cousin talked me into camping, I was sixteen or seventeen at the time, after being persuaded by my parents they agreed to let me go. We went what an adventure it was, finally alone with friends. We slept under tents on such a river, we made bonfires, we gathered wood for these bonfires from a nearby forest, we sang sometimes because one of our friends had a guitar. Later we met new girls, they lived somewhere at their grandmother's in a caravan. I remember once coming with my brother to them. We talked to each other until one of them sat down in front of us, in the thigh-top shirt itself, I thought she had panties. But when she sat down and parted her legs it was obvious that they were gone. I was terribly confused and did not know what to do, evidently provoked us. At one point I could not bear it and said that I am going now, my brother stayed then, but what did I care. I was young, not experienced, I couldn't even smoke. I remember a friend who was younger than me taught me how to smoke because they all smoked except me. I learned how to enlist, but I didn't smoke after returning home. There was a moment when my friend and I sat at home and we did something, we were pleased with each other and I persuaded him to go buy a pack of Marlboro, to smoke and then the story with cigarettes began. We have smoked quite often since then. Sometimes when we celebrated something we smoked better cigarettes, "Dunhille" or something like that. They were good cigarettes, not what they now have, they had gilded on their mouthpieces, they were in special nice boxes and were expensive, almost twice as much as regular cigarettes, but it was worth to smoke, what was the taste, not what now, Marlboro with them. Sometimes we bought flavored ones, they were raspberry or chocolate flavored, they were also good and did not cost much as all cigarettes. It is a pity that now there are no such cigarettes, these times probably will not come back. Later, my friend and I bought "Golden Americana" or "West" from the Russians. I remember when my parents didn't know we were smoking, my mother found out first. We were at the campsite and slept in a tent with a friend, we always lit a candle to absorb cigarette smoke, but once my mother came in and covered us. I told her then that I smoke from time to time, she didn't bother me, Dad found out much later. On the eighteenth birthday there was a cool party, a bunch of friends, everyone drank, I remember smoking with my father, but the next day he did not remember anything. I used to drive a car with him, we took the goods to the store because I sometimes helped him. He went to take the invoices and talk to the shop window, I lit a car at the time, because it was very cold outside. He came and asks you smoked, I denied it at first, but my father told me you want to smoke, but don't hide and since then he knew I smoked and smoked normally. That's my story about cigarettes. My first girls, they weren't there at first. The first one I liked was Basia, she was running around the block and shouting that she loved me, but when it came to what I wanted to date with her, she got scared, so I wasn't with her. Later I met more girls, we met and talked together, but I had mixed feelings after Basia. However, Aśka got her way, we used to go and meet her friends, and she introduced me as her boyfriend, I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. I thought that since she introduced me like that, maybe we should be together and we were. We went camping, which was a nightmare for me. On the first day, she quarreled with my friend and wanted to come back, but I said that we came together and we would come back together and stayed. After a few days there was a disco where it broke down like a barn, that some guy took her out of the disco so that she could vomit under the fence, at that time some barmaid came over to me and says what kind of boy are you, I said what girl like that boy with me she wasn't just drinking with strangers who I didn't even know. You need to know who to hang out with. Since her friend comes to me and says that my girlfriend went to the club boss's room and is the last thing I was supposed to do was run after her. She pissed me off at this bivouac so badly that I came back with wisps of gray hair, but I remained calm, returning from this bivouac I wanted to forget about her and not see her again. I just didn't know how to finish, I couldn't break up with the girls, it was my first girlfriend. She gave me a reason soon, we were in a beer bar and began to embrace a guy, sit on his lap and it was enough for me, but first colleagues told me not to break up with her it will be easier for you. I remember I came to her, she was in bed after school, all battered because she was fighting with a girl, I thought I would finish her more. I am simply sorry to say you are so battered and I hope I won't finish you any more, but I'm breaking up with you. I thought we were going to split up normally, but later I found out that some guys wanted to send me to beat me. All in all, I don't know why, she was strange, I wonder how much I have endured with her. So what if it was pretty empty-headed. Later, another party where I met Ula, sort of nice, but terribly boring. I felt very strange and artificial with her. She was a blonde taller than me by a few centimeters, like everything was fine until we went camping together. Already before leaving she raised my pressure, we were supposed to go at a given time, but I was a little late because of helping my father. In the end, he gave the car what I was supposed to do. When I got into the row, I got so upset that I almost didn't cause the accident, but she didn't care. At the camping site, offended, she didn't even want to dance at the disco. The next day already seemed normal to some point. A colleague was sitting in my car and wanted to show me something, and I stood next to her, embracing her, getting into the car, I still hugged her and the hand automatically slid down her ass, she shouted take this paw and it was enough for me to be crossed out with me already. I knew at that moment that I wouldn't be with her anymore, I don't know what. I politely apologized for that, I took my hand and knew that this is not a woman for me. Someone who has feelings for someone would never act like that. Her best friend tried to reconcile us, but I told her none of this. Then I started to meet Ula's best friend, Kasia. I didn't want to do it up the hill and put it in an awkward situation, that's why we met, but we weren't together, we liked our company of conversation. At one point we were anxious about each other, we went to a party and went out with a friend to drink alcohol and tells you why you won't try. Just then I tried, when I returned from the store I say to her we need to talk. I talk to her, you know we meet, maybe we'll try to be together, she just said to me, I thought I would never wait and sat down on my lap and we started kissing. Kasia and I stayed together for a long time, we were fine. We parted after an argument, I was terribly jealous of her, she gave me reasons, she was a little flirtatious, but she loved me I think. After parting, we got together, but it wasn't until I left the army, but that's another story. After Kasia, I didn't want to be with anyone until I met Sylwia. She made a positive impression on my friend whom I visited. I made a camping trip with her. We went in a larger package, it was fun. We slept in the same tent, I felt closeness, something I missed. It was crazy love, I slept with her for the first time. I fell in love with my ears. We were long until I went to the army, but that's another story. When I finished school and went to work, sometimes she came for me, it was nice. In the same way I was worried about her, I urged her to learn more, I wanted her to have something more than life. I thought we would always be together, but the randomness is different than planned. Did I like the girls, I think so, I felt how many girls want me, but you can't have everything. I've always been in the spotlight at parties. I liked dancing and dancing well. Once during a dance, one girl probably had an orgasm, because she was trembling in my arms and rolling my eyes, I could take advantage of this situation, but I did not do it. My colleague took advantage of this situation because he went with her to the bathroom, when I left later I saw torn tights, so we know what was. I didn't take advantage of many situations, but because I didn't want to and I don't regret it at all. Not everyone is for everyone. In the free time we did bonfires or home parties and it was fun. I remember on one house party I danced a little with a girl which resulted in the envy of other girls. Later, I danced with my sister and says to me, take it easy because I talk to you. I say to my sister, I will close them up, I will ask which one I talk about the most. The next dance I approached the one that talked the most and danced even more defiantly, nobody talked anymore, of course that my hands landed on the buttocks and if otherwise. It is female jealousy that they talk about each other, because everyone would like the same. Why did so many girls want to be with me, because my relationships were great, and they didn't have that and wanted to have the same, ordinary jealousy. So many women get married to instead of looking for someone free. Now that I'm alone, no one can be seen, but if someone was right away vultures would fall. That was my life during high school, with many twists and turns. Such ordinary and extraordinary stories .....




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05 February 2020

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