I have such a dream


A great song by Krzysztof Zalewski, the movie I did not have the opportunity to watch, but I will gladly watch how it will be possible. The song is mega, you want to listen to it forever. Great music video showing the threads of the Second World War, how much people living in those times had to experience. How they fought for freedom, so that life today is as it is. Most people have houses, great cars, they have freedom, but can they use it? Are they able to share freedom or appreciate what they have, ask this question for yourself. Can they appreciate another person and not just think about themselves? Someone fought for freedom and tolerance, for safety without wars in the world and without wars in our homes. Sometimes the war begins in our home and then goes further into the world. Maybe everyone living at that time had such a dream, and you what dream or dreams? Such my post today ...




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05 February 2020

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