Is this love


Another great song, I heard it in a different version, but this one is a newer version. If it was about the Second World War, maybe the present tense. What really matters today? Is money the most important thing? They are certainly important to live a dignified life. But what is the basis of a relationship, money or something else. Maybe something else, maybe understanding, respect, being close, talking together, the time we devote to another person. In my opinion, everyone has someone destined in their lives, but sometimes we can't find each other. It depends on us whether we will find the other half, from anyone else. But the basics of the relationship are important, it's definitely not money, now ask yourself what you guided by choosing the other half. Was it a great car, home, money or something else. Sometimes a glint in the eye that you haven't seen in another person is enough. Some say chemistry has to be, and so without chemistry there is no reaction. I do not want to write too much, such my brief thoughts for today.




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05 February 2020

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