My considerations No. 22

My considerations for today are Christmas and the new year. You used to spend such occasions with friends and family. Once I had many friends, today maybe one with whom I spent New Year's Eve has become. Only parents remain from the family. So parents will always stay in my heart and this one friend. Maybe it's time to look for new friends, because those who were once did not work. When I was young I tried to take my sisters to parties, today they forget about me, maybe such karma, such thank you. But you know when you have to spend New Year's Eve with all those hypocritical murders or you can't call it another, it's better alone or with one friends who remember you. On my parents I was never disappointed more than once. My last birthday which I celebrated was probably eighteenth, how many friends there were, and now where they are, probably in a black ass. I always remember Christmas Eve best, because then the family is in a pile, but only then, I do for Santa because no one else will come up with the idea to be him, maybe they are dumped. But I am the atmosphere for their children because they can't afford it. and the constant pursuit of money distorted their minds. Who are the low-value people in my eyes. Well, this is how it looks with Christmas. And how is it with the new year? One sister goes to a friend and the other invites everyone just not me, I have nice siblings. But as I said, it is better not to spend New Year's Eve with the wrong people, because they will screw up your party. This is how the new year and Christmas look at me, which is a day like every day. Friends from the Internet and extended family are we send each other Christmas and New Year wishes, at least we remember, but sometimes we do it immediately to all people in bulk. When do you see that someone is close to you? When he speaks without a reason, and not only from the holiday because it falls out. One sister sent me wishes the second one did not say a word, she was very busy, probably friends, and she blocked me on Facebook, how she was supposed to send greetings. You will ask why she blocked because she is ashamed of her brother in front of friends, because how he could put 5 of his photos, and I tell you that I have the right to put in as much as I want, because I live in a free country. But they are really anti-mine, why. Because they think me crazy, but I ask who's here I am them, I'm just honest and I have imagination and intelligence, what else is missing. Do I believe in love, I believe so, but not for money. How to check how many real friends you have, easy see who can talk to you without hidden benefits and can speak for no reason to ask you how you are doing, how you feel, this is humanity, the rest is pretending and playing the role of a cool man you are not. How many of you spent these holidays alone or new year, no family without friends, who is your friend, how many friends do you have, who dare to call your friend when you are alone on such days, when he has not even talked to you Who are all these pseudo friends. You can ask them where you were or were when I was alone or alone, when the card turns over. These are just my thoughts about the world and the new year, don't take it personally, but remember it. Your relatives are your parents, nobody else and be happy while you have them, because when you are alone no one will be with you. I finish my arguments today. Happy New Year....




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05 February 2020

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