Policy considerations and more No. 20

Further considerations on my part. I watched conversations between political groups on TV today. It was about new laws regarding judges. Tell me whether the courts are fair in this country? The judge does not answer to anyone how many scams there have been to date, how many extensions were to the detriment of ordinary people want to change it, enacted laws, so that a judge could be held disciplinary, but you can see PO does not fit, judges also do not. Various subjects of people injured by courts were raised, what they did to these people calls for vengeance to heaven. they made the sick, took children, etc., this is how Polish courts are supposed to look, I think not. The law needs to be changed. Another matter was said by an intelligent guy that he does not want his children to teach in homosexual that schools are normal and he is right. wants to teach that homosexual relationships are normal, LGBT groups are, or are not, in my opinion. The relationship between a woman and a man is normal, not a guy with a guy or a woman with a woman. That's why a woman has a vagina and that's why she has a penis guy to give life, that's normal data from nature and evolution, that's normal. Some of you could tell me that I am a homophobe, but this is not the case. I knew gays and talked to them quite well, they are cool people and I have respect for them. But a homosexual relationship is not normal given by nature and thanks to such relationships you cannot have children without the help of doctors or adoption. an ordinary couple of a woman and a man cannot have children, they are considered either together or one to have infertility and this is not normal. The same homosexual relationship is not normal. If they start teaching young children at school that homosexual relationship is normal, then children who grow up recognize this is normal. Teach at once that all diseases are normal, mental as well. If a mentally ill person kills someone, it will also be for you not normal in 50 years, as now you will teach children of this. Any behavior other than what nature shows us is not normal. If a healthy person respects someone, does not hurt, then the person who kills is not normal, because in a moment you will say that murder too it is normal, of course for selected people, maybe just for judges, because so far after killing under the influence of alcohol under the influence of judges baked. I respect gays and lesbians but I also would not want to be warped my children despite the fact that I do not have them, saying that it is normal to be gay or lesbian. You can respect a person, talk to her normally, make friends, but let's not say it's normal, because it's not normal. If you think it's normal, then instead of bedtime stories turn on children porn and also say that this normal because someone stuck the fairy tales in your head. You have to teach children tolerance and respect for homosexuals, but let's not say that this is normal behavior, because it is not norms alne. Now you say that homosexual relationship is normal, and then sex with animals for children you say that it is normal, or dead. These are not normal behaviors. Educated and intelligent people should be aware that what a shell will soak up when they are young old age nudges. If you teach your children this normality, in old age they will say that other things are normal, they will suit them. They may be murders, rapes or other miracles. The world will develop and you should know what is normal. Let all mentally ill people hospitals, release the prisoners, it is normal that the psychic is psychic, it is normal that the prisoner killed someone, it is normal, we are going with progress, everything will be normal soon. Only if someone rapes your wife or kills your mother or father or child, then you will see which is normal. Like homosexual couples, they will start picking up their legitimate children parents will see what is normal. Two lesbians can have a child, artificial insemination is enough, but two guys have to adopt, someone has to give their children away, you give yours? Today someone else is taken away tomorrow could you be you, give it back? That's what I said, but that's how it is true. If the judge has all the rights and agreements with someone take you children tomorrow because the court punishes you and you can't do anything, think PO and LGBT. I am not in writing, I am for people who want good for this country. The only ones who do something in this direction is the PIS and so I will vote for them again, because it is the only good alternative for this country. After all, an ordinary person also has some rights, and not as before. Most people shame their eyes, scare UNION, they would be ashamed to sell their own countrymen , one thing I will say is shame and disgrace. We live in a free country and I have the right to express my opinion and everyone has the right to their own, but this is my opinion. Homosexuality is not is normal, they were born like this and you have to accept it, but this is not normal, it is difficult to call it somehow, because the disease cannot be cured, but it is not normal. Because if you consider it normal, you have to to consider normal also all mental illnesses as well as murderers, or letting porn at 19 in the evening for children, I think you do not want this for your own children, because it will distort their minds, just like saying that homosexuality is normal. women were normal, luckily today it is not considered normal. For a mentally ill person it is also normal how he behaves, for a murderer it is normal that he killed, and for a homosexual it is normal that he is gay, but for ordinary people, healthy people, these behaviors are not normal and must be respected if we are to move towards normality and not abnormality. Such my current considerations on various topics. I know that I wrote sharply, but otherwise you could not show you what is normal.




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05 February 2020

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