Story No. 31 Dream

I will tell my dream today. The dream was amazing, I was the smartest boy in the sun in it. I dreamed that years ago I signed an oral contract with an interview, and in fact I wrote it myself, they didn't even know it, but they found out later. Somehow I knew the future of this world and decided to help them. I told what would happen in many years ahead and it was not the best scenario. I decided to build a spy network based on the latest technologies that will be available years ahead of us. I knew what the uprising would be so it wasn't it was difficult to prepare. I proved it by telling them about the Smolensk catastrophe the years before, with precise guidelines. When they believed me, they started working on what I was saying. The biggest technical miracle is the image and what I like the most, eyes. We decided that we would communicate using the eyes, blinking them. At first it was the morsea alphabet, but the technique went ahead that the eyes became our link in conversations between each other, and more precisely the lenses. The lenses flashed when we wanted to pass something to the other person. One lens let a beam of light the other received it and turned into the text displayed on the lens of the other person. So the conspiracy arose, thanks to which we can do more. We have better communication possibilities and no one can read it except us. Spies have implanted chips to guess their thoughts and send a bundle to another person on the password send sends like in a mesenger. When they look into the eyes the message is sent. People are not they know about the technologies at the military's disposal, but thought recognition is already it's possible, they make movies and games to prepare the world for a truth that will surprise them. The Russians really wanted to know these techniques, not one spy was killed at their hands. So the whole world really wanted to know this technique. Each of the spies broke their teeth on in order to figure out the secrets of communication. Each country strives for something, each has different goals. Over the years, China has proved to be even more powerful lately through technologies and masses of people who live there. Russia was out of hand, so they created a virus, it was called coronovirus, from the crown because it was aimed at the rulers of this part of the world. You noticed that at the market in WuHan people had already walked in masks, like from the stench prevailing there, but not only that. Russian spies prepared the ground for leaving a virus there that spreads by droplets ... When they slowly began to walk in masks, it did not seem suspicious when the spy put on the mask and poured out the contents with the virus between the sellers of goods there. The virus spread quickly, even in an intimidating at the moment they speak of several thousand infected. Russia closes its borders, in Kazakhstan even buses to China no longer go. Everyone is cutting off from China if anyone has the vaccine. Surely someone may have Russia, but they don't make it public. I think they want to reduce the population, too many people in China, they have nowhere to live normally. You wonder why the coronovirus just appeared in China because there are the most people there. It may be such an extermination of the population quietly to reduce the population. Heads of countries are constantly thinking how to reduce the population, and in China is the largest. It is possible that even the one that rules China is in it is confused, or maybe he knows nothing and defends his countrymen. But Russia would be on hand if the population of China were to decrease significantly, it is possible not only Russia. Look that long time there was no major war and birth is increasing day by day. The rulers of this world they are aware of it. So they raised a coronovirus for the largest population. Everyone will cut off from China, and there will be thousands dying because there is no vaccine. virus to China. No war needed, virus decimates people without war. And naive people think of you there is no war, but there is coronovirus and not only. Cancer has also been bred in this way to finish off the population. Carcinogens are added to everything. Those who govern eat other food, know what to eat to not have cancer. What they give on the internet and television is fiction. The war has just begun, and the coronovirus unleashed it. One of the deadliest viruses of our time. For what the virus is how to fight it, no one knows. If a power attack you can defend yourself when the virus attacks there is no no defense, because no one knows who to attack, probably not a virus. At the end there will be spies and monarchs. They will live prosperously without decimating millions of people. These are the wars today. Gas is not only poisoning viruses silently, to nobody he did not blame. Such silent wars are now. Recently they showed those who survived the Second World War, whom they will show when half of humanity dies, those who remain, those who started it, those who released the virus, because they are the only survivors. They are just writing a new story for humanity. I had such a dream today, about technologies of spies and viruses. But is there a grain of truth in it? Think about it. Once there was only alcoholism, today we have cloning and various viruses. Once there were so many diseases, once there was no cancer, cancer arose after World War II, probably invented by Hitler who did research on people. I will tell you that I have interesting dreams and sometimes the imagination bears me, but the material is interesting. This is more or less my dream with small corrections.




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06 February 2020

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