Story No. 34 Dream

I will tell you a dream today, or rather a nightmare. I dreamed that I was sleeping. I wake up I am lying in a bed, a girl is sitting next to him and a dog is running in the room, This dog is a pitbull, but I did not know him. This girl was playing with him, I was afraid of him. Running, he looked at me and snarled under my breath. I say, take him to another room, but she smiled and says that he won't do anything to me. The dog was running around and looking at me and approaching me. on the bed and played with her, but after a while he wanted to grab me with his teeth at the last minute, I grabbed his muzzle and extended his hand that hurt him, that he knew that it was impossible to do so, he howled slightly, so he let go. he was running around the room, but I felt that he was lurking on me. I lay down and lay down, after a while I began to doze, when suddenly I felt something hard on the back of my neck, they were teeth of a pitball. I tried not to move so that he did not stick harder, but I also felt that in a moment pockets harder and I will lose my life. Slowly I started to turn around and suddenly I turned around grabbing his muzzle. I gripped it firmly and this time I didn't give it to him, I ripped his muzzle, broke the brittle, howled with pain, but I knew that he would do nothing. The indignant girl says what you did and I did and what you did when he almost bit me when I was sleeping. I started arguing with her about the dog. I say you had to take him to another room as I said, neither he nor I would he did not. The dog walked around looking at me with those eyes, but he could do nothing to me, his eyes showed rage but powerlessness. Suddenly my old friends came into the room, among them the owner of the dog. He blamed me for what I made his dog. I say to them whether a man or a dog is more important to you, I almost died, but they started to laugh and say better that I should die, pissed off the unlucky ernie. I'm telling you friends that the dog is more important to you, they just answered yes. My sister was there too, but she didn't say anything. She was just watching with astonishment how I could do it. They said and what if we did what you did dog and tried to catch me, they probably wanted to tie me. In my imagination I already saw how they tie me up and lead me to this dog to grab my teeth or do even worse things with me, maybe just like I did this dog, I knew they wanted to hurt me , maybe kill. I was chasing them all over the house. At one point the owner of the dog caught me but I punched him in the face, he fell over, others let go. At that moment all my friends came out and were looking for some sharp objects, I knew already that they want to kill me, I ran up to my sister and I say give me a phone call, because I just didn't think they took me earlier. Sister says I don't have, I say you have Sure, let it out. After a while, she pulled out a brick that the massacre was such an old telephone that probably the first brick-sized cell phone in history with an antenna and a sliding panel for buttons. I remove the flip and knock 997 running away from them so that they would not take my phone, they after a while I managed to call the police, the voice on the phone was mocking and said and what this time was what happened, I was nervous and did not know how to start. I was already saying something but one of the people wanted to stick a knife in side of the body and I stepped back and stuck another person and then it just started, everyone saw me guilty, everyone wanted to kill me. I, with the phone in my hand, ran out of the house and shouting to a policeman, help me, I ran out and saw that I was close to somewhere near the country border. I did not know the exact town, but I told the policeman more or less and told him to track me down, but he laughed and put down I got mad at him even more, I thought what kind of police it was, but after a while I thought that they were probably doing some jokes on this phone and hence such behavior of the policeman. I went out on the street, or rather the road. It was dark to see the houses but it was dark in them, I ran this way and tried to call again, but it failed, I ran and shouted for help, but I could barely make a sound I was so scared, they started running after me, I ran and it passed think how they will get me what will happen to my sister, what they will do to her. I had mixed thoughts, they were getting closer, I screamed for help, help people and I woke up with these words on my lips, help. I decided to describe the dream, was somehow amazing, brutal and scary. A strange dream, but also terrifying like from a horror movie. Now I will finish the description of my dream, my short story and wish you all colorful and nice dreams in.




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19 February 2020

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