Story No. 42 Dream

I will tell you a story today. I watched a clinical death television program today. A man survived her. He told how it was on the other side and it agrees with what I dreamed of my time. You see the light because your soul is rushing at the speed of light. That's not all he said that all your life passes before you as if it were a movie, it's true. He also said that you pay for every wrong deed, it's also true. He talked about being burned with hell fire for a second and that was unimaginable suffering, it was also true. I know what this man was talking about, I also experienced it, but I was not in clinical death, unless I do not know something, I dreamed about it. I dreamed that I am dying and blinded by white light, but it does not irritate me is pleasant. Suddenly I see my whole life, in a few minutes, it rushes at the speed of light, so I live my life in a short time. I can rewind, rewind and view my whole life, but it takes a moment. I see where I made mistakes, where others made mistakes, I see everything, every detail of my life. Can I fix this life, no, but I can change for the future. Did I feel the fire of hell? I didn't feel a second, but I felt something different, I felt empty in my heart. This emptiness was terrible, it sucked my heart and ripped it apart, it lasted for a few seconds, but it was unbearable, like the man's hellfire that burned it. I probably wouldn't describe it because I forgot about it because it was a long time ago, but his interview reminded me of that. The worst is the unbearable pain. It lasted only a few seconds, and it was impossible to bear it, I have never experienced such pain. I will tell you about my pain, it was as if a suction tube sucked so that it tore my heart and whole body apart, being aware of it and feeling every millimeter of the torn body, compounded to infinity. Man on earth has never felt such pain, one second he would feel such pain. On the other side it doesn't last one second, it lasts forever and never ends. This is the worst you would like to die and not feel this pain and it doesn't end and you know that it will never end. You remember these tales, when Sisyphus rolled a stone and he rolled down, it lasts forever. Do you remember Promoteusz, the birds peck at his liver, which grows back and continues to tear it out, and it lasts forever. You think where these stories came from. These are the stories of people who knew what awaited them after death. Pain that lasts forever. They survived what I and this man survived after clinical death. Now you know what awaits you after death. Good life or pain, this life here on earth is not the end of life, but I will tell you about pain and something else. I thought then why I should experience such pain and the answer was simple, it wasn't me who felt that pain, God felt such pain. Why does he feel such pain? For human actions. You think Christ has survived hell on earth. What Christ has lived on earth is nothing with this pain. This man who described one second of hellfire knows about it. Those who are evil will experience hell after death. They don't know what the pain is, coronovirus is a pleasure. No death on earth equals hellfire. God suffers for you, tears his heart when you are angry, but because God suffers you will suffer after death. Imagine the worst torture on earth and put it to infinity, then you will know what real pain is. Yes, I could describe how this pain looks, it's so terrible that you haven't even dreamed, you have to survive. One second of pain is like eternity on earth. Even if you had your whole life to suffer cruelly, the pain finally ends, it doesn't end there, it lasts forever. That's how you get to hell. All your wrongdoing is treated as God's suffering and you pay the price for it. The church teaches badly because it's not what the church says. Those who are in the church will also suffer for their lies. The church says about suicides that they have sinned and to some extent because they took their lives, their lives and they will certainly pass purgatory after death, but they are not cursed. Cursed are those who prompted them to commit suicide, because no-one normally takes their lives without a reason, people are behind it, because they have wasted someone's life and will certainly pay for it after death. You know when you really sin, when you intentionally hurt someone, no matter how. When you hit, kill, talk, talk, when you waste someone's life, because life is the most important thing. God gave life and everyone who lives is responsible for God's suffering. Later you get to the other side and payment comes to you, you can't avoid it. All those old women who go to church and pray their prayers are shit worth, since they later waste their lives, talk, want to impose their opinions on others. You don't have to pat your prayers thoughtlessly, all you have to do is think about God and talk to him like a loved one, a person whom you trust, whom you believe. If you want to be good and have a peaceful life after death, live and give life to others, as they choose and do not talk about them, because it is everyone's way of life. If you have contributed to wasting someone's life, you will pay a raw price. The church only commands, but it's really in the black ass in short, because it doesn't know what's right. It is not orders and bans that are good, the more that they do not follow them themselves, it is also bad and the church will pay a harsh price for it. As many times as I saw priests humiliating others, they will be humiliated themselves after death. I have already written that the most important of the commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself. If you don't want to hurt yourself, don't want to hurt others. Take care of yourself and others, but take care. Then you will go to the other side happy. These are the rules in this life and that. You want to be happy in this and that life, follow the rules I am talking about. Because you can only go through purgatory, which will last a moment, but you can spend eternity in hell, in the hell you can't even imagine. If the torments of Christ are terrible for you, then hell is much more terrible. This is my story today, I really experienced it while I was sleeping. I hope you enjoy my present history and give you something to understand and teach you something. Happy reading ...




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17 March 2020

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