Story No. 43

Another my story. I delayed this story and information. Today or yesterday on television it was said that the coronovirus came from animals, which is not true. It has been said that new varieties of viruses that we do not yet know may develop. It was always said that they came from animals, that they mutated and passed on to humans. However, this is not true, recently I did live on Facebook and there I showed an interview with an American professor. He investigates what viruses arise in laboratories for biological weapons and clearly explains that the coronovirus was raised. It all began in North Carolina, later it was resold to China to the Wu Han laboratory. Where the pandemic began in Wu Han. Whether it was specifically released on people or not, I do not know, but since they created the virus and is in the world, you can see that they did it. First, there were mad cow diseases, swine fever, bird flu, probably also created by them and released into the world. Finally, they combined the SARS virus and HIV and created a chimera that is very dangerous. There are various fairy tales on TV, but not to panic. Since they have introduced quarantine all over the world, it has to be dangerous for a reason. Authorities know this but don't say not to panic. If it's a combination of SARS and HIV, then you have flu, SARS is manifesting itself. Even if you cure the flu in the body becomes HIV, which will kill you slowly, after a year or two, you will die massively, at home without knowing what is wrong with you. For now, the sick are treating with drugs for HIV etc., it helps some, but they are individuals. If there are more cases, there will be no drugs, you will die massively. Some said that Hitler was angry because he was poisoned in gas chambers, today they released such gas to the whole earth. It is not entirely clear whether this virus does not circulate in the air, the authorities do not tell the truth so as not to scare people. Why the gas was released, it was simply said all the time that there are too many people in the world. It's just extermination, depriving many people of their lives to reduce the population. There are no wars, so that's how they get rid of people from this world. They probably have the vaccine, but they will give people when the population decreases. They say they are on the right track, that it will rise in a year, i.e. we have a quarantine year, not two weeks. Many things say, many things are lies to calm society. I wondered why they punish sitting at home. On the one hand, it is so that the virus does not spread, but on the other, so that there is peace, that people do not go out on the street to manifest against what is happening. If it's true what I say, then in a year or two, people will start massively dying of HIV in their own homes. Nobody will help you then, you will be on your own. In Italy, there were cases that someone died at home and nobody wanted to come. No one can go out on the street and die at home. It is a silent extermination of the population, without pickets, strikes and prostests. This is the future of humanity, those who survive will be lucky unless the nations of the world come to their senses and help more people live. The disease is transmitted by humans and animals. It is possible that infected animals were released first so that they would infect humans. Today, any living creature can become infected. It may never end until they invent the medicine. This is the situation in the world. Today, for the first time, I will tell you something about myself that I never told anyone. Sometimes I have something that I see the future. I saw this coronovirus about a year or three years ago. I see things ahead about a year to three years, sometimes even more. At that time I didn't realize it, I was even joking. It was my conversation with someone, the point was that I am an IT specialist and sometimes help with computer problems. I was joking with someone that she was a queen, I was joking with the crown. It was the first time I told this person that she had probably caught the coronovirus, but I did not realize that such a virus would appear. Today, after a long time I remembered that I was joking so. So already then I knew what this virus would be called, but that's not all. I had this feeling, maybe I will call it that, sometimes I have such feeling. It's like a waking dream, I see it in my imagination. I saw the situation as I sit at home with my family because I can't leave the house. I saw that people would go crazy, buy everything from stores. I didn't know exactly why, I saw it as a war, possibly a chemical one. I also saw people die in their homes, nobody helped them. I saw the madness coming, it wasn't over, the world changed. Curfews were introduced and I wondered why. Now I know why people don't walk on the streets. What I saw was terrible. It was the end of humanity, or at least part of humanity. Ordinary people had the worst. Those who were on the stools sat on them and ruled. An ordinary man was just a haggard and only lived because he worked on those upstairs. The streets became not very safe, after dark hardly anyone left. Even people at home were afraid. However, all this could have been changed if it had reacted in time. We'll see if they react. People immersed in viruses and mass fear for life. That was my vision, I hope it won't come true, because there is still time to change it. I wanted to tell you so much about coronovirus today. I wish you health and that all our lives would be better. Best regards and have a nice reading.


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18 March 2020

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