Story No. 44

Today I will tell you about people and me. I talk to people are terrified of what is happening, they are worried about themselves and children. They are afraid of the coronovirus, but I'm not afraid, nothing changes in my life. Twenty years ago I was beaten unconscious and then I got sick. After I found out I was sick, I broke down. First I was afraid of illness, then I was delusional, then anxiety. I was afraid to leave the house, I went out when I really had to, just like everyone else today. My life lasted twenty years, yours lasts only two weeks and you panic. Now you see what I was going through when, for twenty years, I couldn't leave the house normally, because of my anxiety. Today you are afraid of what it is two weeks compared to twenty years. Think that quarantine lasts twenty years is just a pain. You already have trousers full of fear of illness. I had to fight it for twenty years. This quarantine will last longer than two weeks, but not twenty years. Am I afraid of coronovirus, no, but I try to leave the house less, safety must be taken care of. For me, the lifestyle has not changed, for you, yes. Now you are afraid for your life and your children. You have children, you are thirty, forty, fifty or more years old. I don't have children because I didn't go out and didn't meet anyone in my life. It's like having children and now somebody killed them. You think I didn't want to have children, I wanted to. If it was the disease that would take the children away from you, you would feel what I feel. You are only afraid of them but you have them, I don't have them. You can see for yourself that you don't need to panic, you do not have as bad as I do. My life was hell compared to yours. When you had a good time, I was scared and I sat at home. This was my life and I don't sit, panic and cry about it. When I was sitting at home and I was afraid, there was nobody beside me except my parents, at one point I even felt as if I was alone, the only one in this world. Zero friends because everyone moved away from me when I got sick, my family also looked like a UFO, I had no support from nowhere, but I managed. Today you have to deal with the situation without crying. Today your life has become like mine, which you whine over, this is the way things are. Everyone gets paid for something. Where were you all when I suffered, no one was there, I was alone like a finger, today you are alone as a finger, with your problems. Why are you experiencing it, maybe it would teach you something, maybe humility, maybe compassion, interest in other people. Maybe tomorrow you will be in my place and you will be alone, alone like a finger without anyone, without a husband, without children, without a family. Often the roles reverse in life, it is true to say once on the car once under the car and that the fortune rolls. Today, life is normal for me, because nothing has changed in it, but for you it is a new thing that scares you. Today you do not have to come to me, you do not have to pity me, today I will not come to you, today I will not pity you. This is the payment for what you do to someone, it comes back to you. I liked the advertising film on the internet as they showed how good comes back to you, it was great. However, for good to come back, one has to sow good, not evil. Yesterday I laughed at people like me, a schizophrenic, a psycho, but today I am not laughing at you, if you are infected with a coronary virus, I feel sorry for you. This is what life taught me, and it also teaches you to sympathize with another person as to how harm is happening, not to laugh. Those who laughed yesterday today can cry. You know what a friend told me some time ago, if there was no coronovirus yet, I have a family, he probably never visited me. Today if his family were dying I would say the same, I have a family I won't come to your family's funeral. If it teaches us something, don't turn your backs on your friends when they need it, because it will be repaid to you. If it is not repaid in this life, then in the next. This is how the world is built and this is how life looks like. Payment always comes when we least expect it. Saying an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is also true, but we are not verifying life. The fate that guides our lives. You think that why this coronovirus came about because fate wanted it that way, because people were as they were. Now what they have sown returns to them. You think one person is guilty, the whole world is guilty. This disease overwhelmed the whole world. Everyone must experience what others have experienced. That's why it's like teaching people humbleness, compassion and good in this world. There are no wars, but all people suffice to teach them something, to understand others. If you want to be understood, try to understand others. Today you do not understand others, tomorrow they will not understand you. This is what real life looks like. This is where I end my today's statement and story. Happy reading and greetings to all who like my stories ...


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19 March 2020

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