Story No. 48 Dream

I will tell you my dream today, it is a dream story. I dreamed that the world had mastered a virus, a terrible virus. In the beginning, scientists talked about the virus, but they did not know the virus. This virus has evolved, as if it were a small organism that is growing. People were dying, but instead of burning their bodies they buried. This virus in their bodies was still alive, just changing form. At first it was a virus that everyone treated like flu, but it wasn't normal flu. This virus is like it was from another planet. As if it were a different form of life. It's not even a virus, it was a parasite that was in the bodies of people. At first, he killed people, but not all of them, some survived so that what lived in them also lived. It took human form but thought differently. I saw in a dream like animals after this virus because that's how the name changed beyond recognition, like from some computer games or movies. I didn't know where it came from, nobody knew, but it looked like an alien life form, alien land and people. The dream was terrifying, changing people and animals into monsters. Like from some horror movie. The army could not cope with it, it was spreading at an express pace. Everyone who was infected was about to infect someone else. Healthy people began to be carriers, later changing themselves into these creatures. Dogs as removed from resident evil or other distorted animals. People who looked like monsters. The army fired and couldn't kill, after a while they became these monsters themselves. People were not told not to panic, but it was a mistake because they should warn where it was going. I entered the forest and there these creatures, first people and then creatures killed people. Through the crack in the door I saw the creature bend the child's body. It was a terrible sight. Next to the room in which the owner died, and everyone began to tell them to flee, but a little too late, because there was nowhere to escape. I thought of a room with armored glass, but there were no such nearby, anyway, these creatures would break through in the end. I thought of a shelter, but it wasn't anywhere. There were houses and streets. I remember running ahead with other people who were afraid of these creatures, then everyone knew more or less that they were creatures, not just a virus. I was running ahead with someone, but I don't remember with anyone, with someone. I look at the soldier's post I ran over, I say what to do, he says run. I started running away seeing this soldier fighting in the distance with these creatures. Finally they got him, they just devoured. I knew the danger was approaching, it was getting closer. I ran to the intersection, some people started to run towards another place in the city, but I am talking to the person who was with me although we run to another city, maybe it is not there, it is mainly in cities sitting. This person says although we run where there are people, I say make a mistake, we have to run where there are no people. These creatures live in clusters. At that time, I don't know, I stood at the crossroads and wondered where to run. I stood there and watched people in a hurry, each in a different direction. Some people ran to the right, some to the left, others diagonally, one big panic, no one really knew where to run, where he would be able to take refuge, I didn't know either, but I knew that away from people I had the best chance. I did not want to run alone, because in a few people brisker and you can defend together, I have little chance of survival, but I could not wait any longer. I started running towards the main road to another city, whatever was going to happen was already armageddon, so terrible armageddon that the world could not see. A new product emerged from a small droplet of virus that evolved and changed. No scientist predicted this and saw it, or maybe they didn't notice it because they thought they could handle it, but they couldn't handle it because they didn't know what they were dealing with. One microscopic particle that changed the world. Something that has grown to the size of a block of flats, so great creatures came out of it. Nobody expected, nobody knew, except maybe scientists who guessed a little. The vectors talked about the bearers, but they did not cure, they still carried this virus in them, infecting others. They were quarantined, but it didn't do much better than everyone thought. People lived, enjoyed life, later chased money, today they were chased by something, something so small, but also becoming so great. These creatures took on terrible shapes, they looked like distorted human or animal bodies. With big mouths and meat on top. Like living dead, only those that moved and attacked people. People realized that it couldn't be out of this world, but by then most of the population was already infected by the virus. Everyone had fear, great fear. At the end of my sleep I stood at the intersection, not knowing what to do, but I made my decision I run to another city, maybe in another city I will find help, everything was isolated from life. I started running like this, there were a few people with me and we ran so I suddenly woke up and decided to describe this dream because it was unusual. We now have a coronavirus epidemic, but sleep has a lot to do with it, this fear in human eyes, fear of death. Such is my dream story for today, I hope you read it interestingly.






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14 April 2020

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