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I will show you a photo and reflections on it

I look and wonder what counts in the world today. How handsome and not only, guess the rest yourself. How old is better younger for some, older for others, usually older for younger, and older for young. For younger older because he has the money, for the elderly because they get more value. He works because he has the money, I just don't work, so for most I am nobody and those who work are ok, I have often heard the description of myself with lazy, even from my loved ones. What is the car like, again cash, because if it's not, because it is a lime, funny for me, but let it be good, the car should take us from one destination to another safely. The apartment itself again, the cash register because what can not afford your own home. On the one hand it's good as lives alone because no stranger interferes with being together, but on the other hand how can you not afford what you can do? The guy you wore the same way, if you do not meet the above conditions, then rather not, it's about money again. You see, cash is important, without it you are nobody, all the time it comes to cash. All life goes around cash. Why does cash exist at all, because there is an economy based on supply and demand. And what is important for you, money or life? If you have billions in your account and you are sick of something that gives you a month to live, would you give away all the money for your life? Would you prefer to give your life for the money that you don't use anyway? A question for everyone? Economics is not bad, because without any occupation, a person will die because there is no purpose. But whether you have a pension or a pension of 500 or 1000, you have a goal, vegetation probably. What if I see the future and where the world is going. I will tell you what I see, that everyone works in this country, regardless of whether he is a president or a homeless person who collects cans or something else, everyone does not have such a person who does not work. Everyone collects it for something, one buys rolls, another bottle everyone contributes to a better life. Now the question is why people earn differently, some less others more. Does the company's president arrive by limousine for an hour or two working harder than the one who collects cans and is considered a mint? I will tell you, both the president and the can collector work just as hard, the pay is different. Once the director earned three times the salary of an employee because he had greater responsibility simple, it was more fer. Today, some cannot afford to treat teeth, one has something to bite, the other does not, one has beautiful white teeth, the other does not have them at all, which is why they are also assessed that they cannot even afford teeth. And if it were to improve economics, set a remuneration for which everyone would be able to live in dignity and this president and collector, pensioner, and being in the union subsidize the missing funds where remuneration is paid, i.e. companies, there would be equal action for everyone. And what if you run out of money, you can reprint, is this a problem, is it somehow dependent on something? What am I asking from? When everyone earns well, they will be able to spend money on what they want. One wants to drink let him drink his life, one wants to smoke does not smoke his life, one wants to buy a car, how we use the money depends on us, but having 500-1000 zlotys dear, we have no purpose, that's why some drink and make other stupid things, whether someone would steal anything as if he could afford it without theft, or someone would cheat if he didn't have to, are sins that people commit because they are forced because they can't live with dignity. Companies want to earn more, let ordinary people earn, spend more, and so you produce sells, you sell food with all the chemistry that makes people sick, even cigarettes taste different today than they used to, not to mention drugs that instead of helping finish, film " Botox ”showed the truth how you treat people, they scatter drugs in the garage that do not meet the standards or anything at all. On the internet a lot of specifics that have help to lose weight somehow no one has lost weight, hopefully all this will change, otherwise we will all end up alone. Instead of doing our job as best we can, we take shortcuts to get money quickly, prices at the dentist are rising, and doctors write more and more expensive drugs. If this is how life should look like, it will end for everyone. However, all you have to do is do your job the best you can and everything will work out, sometimes your life depends on it, don't forget about it. Every job should be done by someone who likes me and is guided by my heart in what he does, not from coercion, there must be time for work and rest, as well as time for the family, then we will work effectively and well. Everything, however, depends on earnings, when someone has pennies has no purpose and makes mistakes in life. All you have to do is set earnings at a level worthy of our life, it can't be 1000 PLN, it's best to add one zero and 10000 PLN, and you can print the missing money, or they can give you more money, but the prices should remain as they are good prices or adjust to live comfortably and to put something away, if we can't put anything away, we lack the sense of income, if we can't buy a good car during the year, I don't see it well enough. One person should have enough to maintain the house, buy everything he needs to live , eating cleaning and hygiene products, some electronics or household appliances and once a year the opportunity to buy a car for at least 20,000, if he wants to put aside for an apartment then in 5 years he should be able to afford it, with earnings of PLN 10,000. At the beginning, you can set your earnings at 5000 PLN, being a good start with someone, for starting a family, you won't need 500+, if everyone will have 5000 PLN earnings a month, no matter what they do, CEOs can have 3 times their earnings, because they are more responsible and beloved, everything would return to normal, the president say five times, because he is the head of state. And any bribery fraud would result in earnings of 1000 PLN, you would immediately cheat and everyone would remember everything during interrogations. You know what would happen if this can collector was employed in a waste sorting plant for 5000 PLN, he would feel someone, would first spend on renting, then on buying an apartment, and if he still wanted to collect cans for miserable pennies and drink his choice, but give him a chance a decent life, give decent earnings, come ask if you do not want to earn 5000 PLN at the beginning in a waste sorting plant, he is dealing with it on a daily basis, so he should not refuse. You pay rod for 2000 PLN, give 5000 PLN, do not increase prices, see will not be needed rehab, psychologists etc., psychologists are needed for people with problems, money is a problem, because of their lack all problems, it will solve many problems, people would not go abroad. The Union strives for equality and community let it show . In my opinion, no war reparations are needed for anyone, only those who may share with those who do not have, I do not speak home, but earnings, everyone can buy a home if they have equal earnings. You want to find guilty people from World War II someone, check who has the most accounts or shout the most for repairs, because they cared about the war, why do they make war to earn, because all the time it is about money, I talked about the problem is money. But in my opinion, it is not worth settling no war reparations they should share themselves, because conscience will move them. As I said, you won't take money to the grave, and you can prolong your life for yourself or someone, but to give money you have to have it. Some people play lotto games or other games of this type, and what if winning more than ten million each divided it in half and a half gave two people with a card written or printed with the inscription split it in half leave it to yourself, and give the other half to two people with this the card itself, until it is ten zlotys, this person no longer has to give anything to anyone, can spend on playing a totka or other number game or leave it for something, a roll, beer, cigarettes if you can afford them or anything else on what's up. An interesting idea what? Leave what you have on your accounts, unless you want to help someone, maybe just people who need help. Do not ask what has nothing, ask what has, do not ask as much as he can give, do not force someone to pay every month without the possibility of withdrawing, because no one ever knows when he will be without money, you can withdraw at any time of everything, you cannot force people to do something they do not want, contracts can not bind for life, we should have the right to withdraw at any time, when it is not convenient for us, if we take the phone for a year or two and we can not afford to maintain it, suspend use and do not pay for it until we can afford it, this method can be used everywhere, we do not lose the phone, and we do not pay the subscription, because we do not use the network, or we give up quite and give the phone back, but it must depend on us. It is freedom of choice that gives us a sense of security, not forcing us to do anything. Much is said about the constitution, about regulations, they should be simple, concise and to the point, so someone once told me something, I do not remember who and most of all written for people and not a thousand pages only as much as required to convey what is important, and man is important. If there are tricks people are looking for tricks, tips and there is no order and composition, then fraud appears. You know, I will tell you something I once had such a thought, and what if God came down to everyone who he would be, maybe he would like to be an ordinary man, me, you, maybe the one collecting cans, to experience how he feels being that person, or maybe God knows how he feels, how others look at him with contempt, maybe at the moment each of us is God and wonders how others look at us, if any of you felt treated as a recluse in your life, then you were probably God , this is my opinion, once you felt like someone the best, not for others, and for yourself you could also be God. Respect people regardless of what they do, maybe it's God. Such my considerations today ...




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05 February 2020

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