Today's considerations No. 21


The music video "Filatov & Karas - Au Au" shows us something. He shows a man in the place of a woman. Women often say that guys can't understand them, but whether a woman could if it was a man gave birth. Today women also do not understand guys, even though men do not give birth women don't understand them. The guy has to try to support their family for the home. Today is the style of partnership, but women still assume that the guy should only give them. Why do I say that? I talked with a friend and he made an appointment with a girl, at the first meeting she asked him if you can provide housekeeping and that we would fly once a year for an exclusive vacation. Does such a woman understand a guy? But she requires understanding how she gives birth as she tries for a home, if she tries at all. Since the style of partnership prevails, they both should try to live a dignified life and not only blame it on the guy. Here a woman does not show understanding, but will probably come across what will be pouring her day after day and then she will understand how should be a partnership. The partnership is that they both try and look after the house together and support each other instead of being depressed, that you earn less and I earn more and you are nobody. If a man gave birth, no woman would want to be with him because she would have to do for him, I turned my roles here specifically to show women something, more understanding for men, then someone will understand you too. Why did I always prefer younger girls than myself because they didn't have twisted intelligence. YOUNG GIRLS ARE JUST LOOKING FOR LOVE, THERE IS LOOKING FOR CASH LEAVES, MORE THOUGHTS OF CASH IN MY AGE, EXCEPTIONS ON FINGERS THAT DON'T THINK THAT WHICH DOES THAT. MOST ARE MONEY ON THE MONEY THRUSTING THIRTY AND FORTY, AS SOMETHING DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING, WANTED A GIFTED GUY TO GLORIZE AND SHIN BEFORE FRIENDS. IT WAS AGAINST 60 YEARS AND LATER, THEY SMARTER AND SEEKING SOMEONE WHO WILL BE HUGGLE AND SHOULD BE ON THE SHOULDER. SO LOOK LOOKS LIKE THIS WORLD LIKE AND THIS UNDERSTANDING LOOKS LIKE THE MUSIC AND THE MUSIC.




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05 February 2020

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