True False Story No. 1

My story really begins with God, he had his angels, but he wanted more, to create something that was not. He created people in his own image, at the beginning of Adam and Eve, later more was done to them, he gave them the planet they had everything. The devil was an angel, once envied that people were so important to him, so he let God put them to the test, gave them an apple tree and they could not pick fruit from it. God knew everything that goes on in the devil's head, but he decided that he would prove something to the devil and people, that you have to trust, not mix and match. He did as the devil wanted, he gave them this apple tree and forbade them to pick fruit. People obeyed God, but the devil did not forgive himself that people obey God. He decided to let Adam and Ewe at first refuse to listen to the devil, but eventually they broke up and listened to someone repeating something over and over again, everyone would have had enough, people broke and broke the apple. Eve was weaker, so she broke faster and it was used by the devil and thanks to it he reached Adam, when Adam and Eve, the first people on this planet broke, the devil sure that now God will not be interested in people anymore, he flew to God with the message that people do not listen to God, that their annihilated because they do not deserve to exist. However, God decided to do something different because he could see the wine of both well. He gave hell to the devil, land to people. The devil could still let people in hell, and people could still live. On the one hand, everyone got what he deserved, but the devil lived and people, each with their sin. The devil suffered in hell, people on earth. People who died went to hell for their offenses, and the devil also suffered while in hell, because every man who went to hell caused the pain of the devil, hurt the devil and people. Once every 2000 years everyone could break free, the devil could take a step toward people did not sin and people could take a step not to sin. We have 2019 and the end of the world was predicted by fortune-tellers for 2000 and he would be sure if not for one man who said that he would sacrifice himself so that people could still live, in year zero it was Jesus, but in 2000 God said that there would be no other Jesus because he saw how much suffering Jesus had, and people did not understand, all people died this time, and there will be only a handful who will start everything again. However, there was a boy who saw how this world would look like, start all over again, maybe God will give all technologies to people, but what a handful of people means when millions or billions were killed. He saw it at some point in his life, in which no matter, important that he saw, he said that he would sacrifice his best years of life for people to be able to exist, but this time the original sin will disappear and there will be justice in this world, and everyone will answer before your own conscience, where you want to be in heaven or in these black depths forever not for 2000 years and only the good heart of God or another man will be able to free him or her. We have 2019 is the last year for people to be free and the devil, so the devil and people will try to make the world better, otherwise the devil and people will die, and there will be only a handful of people who will create new life on this planet. already coming out, the movie "Clergy" which showed the true face of the church, which also sinned, the boy who wanted everyone to live, wanted priests in the Catholic church to also have wives and children, because it was the reason that priests sinned if they had their own the family would not be on such a rock or at all, lonely people stupid in loneliness and only duties, there must be time for work, but for time with family, at work time for work and time for a stupid cigarette or meal, then man collects thoughts and work more efficiently. Many people in 2019 show the truth of what survived and through whom, is a year of justice and purification from wine, everyone should carry out an examination of conscience, forgive so and someone else, and in the church confessionals are for people who need them and you can't force someone to confess, someone needs a psychologist goes to a psychologist, someone needs a confessional goes to a confessional, you can also do a mental examination and talk to God, God is everywhere within us, he finally created us in his image. If someone needs to say in public that someone has hurt him, it's good, if someone needs to talk to someone in private, it's also good, if someone forgives and doesn't need to say anything right. We should be ourselves, we can't force ourselves, forcing creates fears that finally overwhelm us and make mistakes in life for which we suffer and others ...




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05 February 2020

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